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Can you steal first base?
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Eric Enders, researcher, Baseball Hall of Fame: No. Why? Rules. What rules? Baseball's rules. Oh, them. There are 23 legal ways to get to first. Do tell. Walk, intentional walk, hit by pitch, dropped third strike, failure to deliver pitch within 20 seconds, catcher interference, fielder interference, spectator interference, fan obstruction ... isn't that ... fair ball hits umpire, fair ball hits runner, fielder obstructs runner, pinch-runner, fielder's choice, force out at another base ... aren't those ... preceding runner put-out allows batter to reach first, sac bunt fails to advance runner, sac fly dropped, runner called out on appeal ... wait, which ... error, four illegal pitches, and if a game is suspended with a runner on first and that player is traded prior to the makeup, another player can take his place. That's only 22. Oh, right. Single. Borrring. John Thorn, co-editor, Total Baseball: Two players stole first, Germany Schaefer in 1907 and Fred Tenney around 1900, but they did it from second. The idea was to induce a throw so the runner on third could score. Tricky. I suppose, but it didn't work. And now it's illegal. Pity. You know, Ned Cuthbert of the Philadelphia Keystones invented the stolen base in 1865. Rapscallion. Baseball was primarily intended to provoke mirth. Verily. The main amusement was not to hit lusty blows, but the exposition of spry fielding and nimble baserunning. Huzzah! So credit for a steal was based on pluck, like taking an extra base or stretching a single. Good show! It's also likely the term "stealing" wasn't equated to larceny, but was akin to "stealing away," as in taken through guile or subterfuge. Good ol' derring-do.

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