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All that glitters in April isn't necessarily you-know-what. Brian Daubach and Lee Stevens? Gamers know better. Over the past three years, they've hit at least 20 points higher in April than in any other month. Their poor knowledge of the strike zone (39:8 K-to-BB ratio, combined, so far) will catch up with them. Here, though, are some fast starters to mine deep into summer:

Esteban Loaiza, Blue Jays
Loaiza's always had top-shelf stuff -- and a bargain-basement head. Now, the light bulb has finally clicked on. After dominating the Rangers on Opening Day, Loaiza predicted he'd win 18. Since then, he's added two wins over the Yankees and has limited his mistakes (just 6 BBs and 1 HR allowed in 32 innings). With the AL's second-best offense, Loaiza will be good to his word.

Wade Miller, Astros
Forget Enron Field's short porches. Miller's career home and road ERAs are nearly identical, and he has one of the best groundball-to-flyball ratios (2.3:1). Miller throws all his pitches with accuracy and power, as his 40:8 K-to-BB attests, and he's holding opposing hitters to the second-lowest batting average in the majors (.163). You don't put up numbers like this by accident.

David Ortiz, Twins
Ortiz is ready to own the Twins' DH spot for years to come. He has a good eye, hits both lefties and righties and fine-tuned his stroke this year to tap that 30-HR power he brought from the minors.

Albert Pujols, Cardinals
Beginner's luck? Not a chance. Pujols is a major league hitter. His bat speed, ability to hit to all fields and strike-zone judgment remind me of Manny Ramirez. Pujols is headed for 30 HRs, 100 RBIs -- and an NL Rookie of the Year award. Yeah, you heard me.

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