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Our esteemed colleagues at Penthouse Magazine have committed a serious double-fault.

Anna Kournikova
Just for reference: This is what Anna Kournikova looks like.
In its June 2002 issue, Penthouse published topless photos of a woman that it claimed was Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova. Trouble is, not only is the woman in the photos not Kournikova, it appears to be Judith E. Soltesz-Benneton, whose husband is the son of billionaire fashion designer Luciano Benneton.

Soltesz-Benneton claims the photos were taken seven years ago, and she's now suing Penthouse for $10 million. In addition to that lawsuit, Kournikova's camp filed suit against Penthouse on Tuesday, seeking damages in excess of $10 million and demanding that all copies of the magazine be destroyed.

An attorney for Penthouse claims the whole thing "was an honest mistake," and the magazine issued a "heartfelt apology to both women" Tuesday.

Page 2 certainly doesn't condone Penthouse's desperate act, but we can understand all the confusion. After all, nobody -- and we mean nobody -- has looked at more photos of Kournikova than the Page 2 staff, and even we sometimes have trouble identifying the 20-year-old tennis temptress.

Check out the following shots and see if you can decide if the person in the photo is indeed Anna Kournikova. Submit your choice below to move on to the next photo. When you're finished, tally up your score, but be forewarned: This quiz is extremely difficult and would baffle many a Penthouse editor:

Photo 1: Anna or not Anna?

Who is in this photo?

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