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Anna's wicked web

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Anna Kournikova lost in the quarterfinals of the Gaz de France on Feb. 9, and three days later the Anna Kournikova virus hit the Internet.

Anna Kournikova
Interest in Anna Kournikova has hardly slowed since her injury.
Although there is no absolutely no evidence of any connection whatsoever, by the most remarkable coincidence, Kournikova has not played in a tournament since the virus appeared. She missed the recently concluded French Open because of a stress fracture in her left foot and also withdrew from another upcoming tournament. She is still scheduled to compete at Wimbledon, but there is no guarantee she will play amid some speculation the injury is worse than first indicated.

And in perhaps the most alarming development of all, she turned 20 years old last Thursday. That's right -- the tennis Lolita is no longer a teenager. Sergei Fedorov can stop worrying about transporting her across state lines.

None of this, however, has slowed Kournikova's performance as the hardest-working athlete in cyberspace. Despite her four-month layoff, Kournikova actually climbed back into the top 20 "most searched expressions" on the Internet, though she still trails Britney Spears, Pearl Harbor and Dragonball. One search engine brings up 180,000 references, including a few that don't promise photos of her bending over in a short skirt. And, oh yes, Maxim magazine's many sophisticated readers recently voted her the athlete of the year (apparently edging out Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima).

Still, if her foot injury continues to keep her off the court for an extended period of time, a Kournikova web search might bring up somewhat less risqué websites than you currently find for the world's favorite tennis player who has never won a tournament:
Anna fans, check out the best and positively most revealing X-rays of the Russian temptress' stress fracture. See her fifth metatarsal laid bare! Plus, the most photos of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and J-Lo! ...
Anna Kournikova
Learn all about Kournikova's feet at
The absolute best Anna website! I also have thousands of wallpaper and screensavers of Anna! NEW! I have Anna's MRIs -- the naked truth of her stress fracture! Plus, Exclusive screensavers from her rehab, including Anna's padded shoe! ...
We don't have any new Anna nudes, but we have lots of photos of her sitting in the stands at Wimbledon. She's wearing sunglasses and a floppy hat, and some fat guy in front of her is blocking her breasts, and some of our friends aren't totally convinced it's her, but it sure looks like it could be her to us. ...
Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! Anna! I have dozens of photos of Anna bending over and stretching her gorgeous legs during a recent rehab workout with her orthopedic trainer! Sorry, but the photos are a little grainy, because they were taken with a 300mm lens from a very, very far distance due to an unfortunate court order. ...
Anna fully clothed!!! Download exclusive video of Anna wearing a heavy down parka and getting out of her limo and walking into Minnesota's Mayo clinic to see her latest orthopedic specialist! You might not think so, but it's her all right! ... (NEW! translate this page!)
... ausschliessen photographie von schone Anna mit die gebrochen link fuss und die grosse busen sitzen zu 2002 Italiener Open. Auch, neu photographie von Britney Spears ...
Still the absolute best Anna site after all these years! NEW! All the latest on Anna's lengthy rehab, including an update on her next scheduled withdrawal: the 2003 Australian Open. ...
Rich Garces has more than you'll ever want to see of Rich Garces.
Sorry! No more Anna photos, but we still have thousands of photos of the sexiest athletes remaining in sports! Download stills and videos of Randy Johnson, Don Zimmer, Richard Garces, plus all the women shot-putters from the former Soviet bloc! ...
... Warning: New e-mail virus preys on tennis-starved Anna Kournikova fans. E-mail reads "Anna's comeback!" in the subject field with an attachment labeled: "Anna J-PEG." Opening the attachment unleashes the Anna worm, which does nothing to the computer's hard-drive. It just sits there looking nice and promises to play Jan. 26 every year. ...
We have many black and white photos of greats from tennis' past, including Martina, Chrissie, Billie Jean, Gussie Moran, Babe Didrickson and Anna ...

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