Being ... Anna Kournikova
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Anna Kournikova ended a five-match losing streak this week, but as usual she made bigger news off the court. As Penthouse magazine releases topless photos of the Russian tennis star, Page 2 checks on Anna's mindset:


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"It was bad enough that they took those pictures ... but then they didn't even put me on the cover."

"When I heard Marilyn Manson had once struck this pose, I told them I'd do it."

"Let me check the calendar. It's May 2 ... so Enrique's got 17 days left -- if he doesn't tick me off."

"Hi, is this Ilya Kovalchuk? This is Anna. What're you doing on May 20?"

"It's time for this poor guy to move up in class from Miss Universe."

"I still can't figure out why all the other girls on tour have nicknamed me 'Zippy
Chippy.' "

"No wonder I can't win. You try returning Venus' serve while 1,000 flashbulbs are going off behind you."