More party photos!
Page 2 staff

Here are a few photos from the big bash!

Maria plays catchAnna wins!
Maria Sharapova
Anna K
Tennis starlet Maria Sharapova tossed the football around.
Don't say Anna's never won a singles title! She beat Hunter S. Thompson in the finals of our birthday party tournament!

I.D. requiredWhere's the ring?
David Beckham
Derek Jeter
David Beckham showed everyone the picture of himself he carries around.
Derek Jeter came a little overdressed.

Smoke breakWhere's Andy?
John Daly
Mandy Moore
John Daly took a break outside on the back porch.
Mandy Moore showed up without boyfriend Andy Roddick.

Britney entertainsParty crasher!
Ja Rule
Britney was kind enough to do a short show for the guests.
After winning our most overrated tournament, we were surprised when Ja Rule showed up.


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