A-List: J-Lo, Ben, Shaq and Kobe
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J-Lo and Ben
From the Page 2 archives:
  • Ben & Jen go to the ballgame
  • What was Ben thinking when he dumped J-Lo?
  • What was J-Lo thinking about P. Diddy?
  • Page 2's Overrated Bracket
  • J-Lo and Ben
    Rumor has it that Zimmer was actually going to choke Ben when Pedro stepped in.

    Shaq and Kobe
    Shaq and Kobe
    When it comes to settling an argument, Liza is more of a man than these two divas.
    From the Page 2 archives:
  • Kobe vs. Shaq decathlon showdown
  • Therapy session: Kobe & Shaq clear the air
  • Sportoon: Kobe's media circus
  • Simmons: The odd couple
  • Shaq's Fun Page


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