Being ... Mike Piazza
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He has had his privacy invaded, and he can't throw out a base-stealer to save his life. Although Mike Piazza's handled it all with grace and cool, he must be in some kind of inner turmoil. Page 2 looks inside the head of the Mets' beleaguered catcher.


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"And I've never used steroids. I never met Chandra Levy. I never hung with Mike Skakel. And I've never been alone with my priest."

"I asked Jerry how I should have handled this controversy and he said look 'em in the eyes and say, 'I'm not gay ... not that there's anything wrong with that.' "

"Of course, this scandal isn't the most embarrasing thing to happen to me this year."

"If I really was gay, do you think I'd go out in public with such a bad dye job."

"I'm in a slump, and I can't throw, but at least I can run from home to first in less than six seconds."

"Why didn't I charge the mound? As a rule, I try to never get within 60 feet, 6 inches of a psychopath."

"Now that they're divorced, I've finally got my opening."