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Part 2: News Parade

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Tommy Lasorda
Tommy Lasorda tumbles for ya.
Hey kids! Summer is no excuse for not keeping up on current events. Find out if you need to spend more time logged onto by taking our weekly news quiz.

1. Toronto mayor Mel Lastman told the Toronto Sun that he didn't want to go to Kenya to lobby IOC officials because "I just see myself in a pot of boiling water with all these natives dancing around me." After the quote was printed, he apologized and said:
    A. "What I meant to say was that pervasive Western racism holds back the industrious and beautiful people of Kenya in their gallant fight to overcome the yoke of colonial rule."
    B. "Some of my best friends are Kenyan natives."
    C. "We didn't really want the Olympics anyway."

2. After selecting the 2008 host city, the IOC will also vote on its next president to replace Juan Antonio Samaranch. The leading candidates are:
    A. Belgium's Jacques Rogge
    B. Canada's Dick Pound
    C. Samaranch is still listening to offers.

3. Boris Becker recently settled a child support case with a Russian model, resulting from an encounter the former Wimbledon champ said took place while he was drunk in a restaurant and lasted:
    A. Eight seconds
    B. Ten seconds
    C. Five seconds
    D. Depends on whether you include foreplay

Cal Ripken Jr.
Cal Ripken Jr. plays the All-Star Game crowd.
4. Historians now question whether Abner Doubleday truly invented baseball in 1849, believing the game may have evolved over time. Arousing their suspicions are newly discovered:
    A. References to baseball in an 1839 newspaper.
    B. Photo of Jesse Orosco warming up in the bullpen for the 1839 Elysian Fields Hilltoppers.

5. The moment in the All-Star Game that brought fans to their feet with wild, heartfelt applause for a figure who deserved it was:
    A. When Cal Ripken Jr. homered on the first pitch thrown to him.
    B. When Tommy Lasorda was knocked on his rear by a thrown bat.

ANSWERS: 1, None of the above; 2, A and B; 3, C; 4, A; 5, A.

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