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Part 3: Six Degrees
of two retiring types

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Hey kids! It's a small world after all! Thanks to the world of sports, you can connect the two old, balding, white-haired, retiring figures!

Six Degrees of Separation

Juan Antonio Samaranch
In addition to selecting the host city for the 2008 Olympics, the IOC also will soon name a successor to president Juan Antonio Samaranch, the annoying, self-important autocrat who once claimed the Olympics were more important than the Catholic Church.
  In his younger, freer days, Samaranch was an official in the regime of Spanish dictator, Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Generalissimo Francisco Franco
Chevy Chase Franco's lingering deathwatch in 1976 was ridiculed by then-Saturday Night Live comedian Chevy Chase, whose trademark line on Weekend Update was "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead."  
  Chase was one of SNL's original Not Ready For Prime Time Players, a cast that eventually was replaced by many, including Billy Crystal. Crystal, in turn, left SNL for a successful movie career, including a role in "City Slickers" in which he ran with the bulls at Pamplona, the annual Spanish rite that took place this week.
Billy Crystal
Thomas Jane Crystal recently directed "61*" the movie rendition of Mickey Mantle's and Roger Maris' pursuit of Babe Ruth's single-season home run record. Thomas Jane played Mantle. He joked at the All-Star Game that he prepared for the role by getting tanked each night before filming.  
Jane flied out in his at-bat during the All-Star Celebrity Softball Game but Cal Ripken Jr. did not in the real game when he hit the first pitch thrown to him over the fence for a home run. Ripken was named the game's MVP. Like Samaranch, he will retire this year. Unlike Samaranch, he will be missed.
Cal Ripken Jr.

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