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The Olympic Movement

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Hey kids! Our friends at the International Olympic Committee voted Friday to choose the host city for the 2008 Olympics!

Play along with the IOC selection committee by printing out this gameboard, nailing it to the coffee table and gathering your neighborhood pals! Friends with the most money get to choose which city they want to be!

IOC officials impressed by Toronto's cosmopolitan air, ethnic diversity, clean streets and Swiss-like efficiency. Move ahead one space.
IOC officials overwhelmed by beauty of Eiffel Tower at sunset. Move up one space.
IOC officials overwhelmed by majesty of Great Wall of China. Move ahead one space.
The Canadian dollar falls, lowering the value of your IOC bribe. Lose two turns.
Rude waiter spits on IOC official's crêpe. Lose five turns.
Government tanks accidentally crush a visiting IOC official in Tiananmen Square. Lose four turns and go back one space.
Your mayor tells reporters he fears he'll ending up in a boiling pot surrounded by Kenyan natives. Lose five turns.
Nationwide transit strike strands IOC tour of facilities. Lose four turns standing next to some very sweaty Frenchmen.
NBC reviews ratings for Sydney Olympics, held in same time zone. Lose four turns trying to figure out what time it is in New York when it's 9 p.m. in Beijing.
IOC officials trapped in elevator with mayor for two hours. Worse, the elevator Muzak is stuck on Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Lose three turns.
Nationwide hotel strike forces IOC officials onto the streets. Lose four turns.
IOC plane crash lands after colliding with Chinese military plane. Lose three turns while military inspects plane for secret technology/bribes.
David Wells named to IOC bid committee. Lose four turns.
Nationwide restaurant strike leaves cafés without waiters. Service improves. Move up one space.
Tibetans protest proposed rhythmic gymnastics venue in Lhasa as a form of human rights abuse. Lose two turns.
Canadian dollar falls yet again, rendering your IOC bribe worthless. Lose four turns and sell mayor to Kenyan natives.
Special IOC party tragically marred by constant showing of old Jerry Lewis movies. Lose two turns.
Remove all opposition by threatening to harvest organs of IOC officials. Move up one space.
End: Sorry, IOC awards bid to Beijing! Start over by bidding for golf's B.C. Open.
End: Sorry, IOC awards bid to Beijing! Start over.
End: Congratulations, IOC awards you Olympics. Brace for mass protests and send country into deep recession, spending billions on venues you will never use again!

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