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Part 3: News Quiz

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Hey kids! Just because summer is here is no reason to ignore your current events studies. See whether you need to log onto more often by taking our weekly news quiz.

1.Who has President Bush not welcomed to the White House this year?
    A. New York Yankees
    B. New York Mets
    C. Boston College hockey team
    D. Duke men's basketball team
    E. Notre Dame women's basketball team
    F. Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    G. Benning Park Parrots
    H. Oklahoma football team
    I. Air Force football team
    J. Baltimore Ravens
    K. Nebraska volleyball team
    L. Monica Lewinsky

2. Which word or phrase was just added to the Oxford English Dictionary, considered the authoritative text on the English language?
    A. The Mendoza Line
    B. Doh!
    C. Hack-a-Shaq
    D. Lovetron
    E. Cup check
    F. Final answer

3. Who has been a glaring omission from President Bush's Sunday Little League games at the White House?
Nomar Garciaparra
Nomar Garciaparra
    A. Nomar Garciaparra
    B. Bob Costas
    C. Tampa Bay Devil Rays

4. What did Bostonians see for the first time in ages this week?
    A. The Stanley Cup
    B. A three-bedroom Colonial in Cambridge for less than $400,000
    C. Ted Kennedy fitting comfortably in a 34-waistband.

5. Finish this statement President Bush made while playing host to the Ravens: "One of those discussions over in Europe will be about defense. Our allies need to take a look at the Baltimore Ravens ...
    A. "They'll realize a good defense wins."
    B. "Because no doubt Art Modell will be looking to Europe the next time he threatens to move the team unless he gets a new $1 billion stadium."

6. A Dallas-based coffin company is selling caskets that will allow fans to be buried:
    A. in a coffin painted with a golfer driving a shot into the sunset
    B. in a coffin painted with racing scenes and a checkered flag
    C. in last place along with the Rangers

7.When he was minority owner and managing partner of the Texas Rangers, what did Bush not do:
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa
    A. Trade Sammy Sosa and Wilson Alvarez for Fred Manrique and Harold Baines.
    B.Cast the only vote against interleague play.
    C. Fire Bobby Valentine.
    D. Send Eddie Gaedel up as a pinch-hitter.

ANSWERS: 1, L; 2, B; 3, C; 4, A; 5, A; 6, A and B; 7, D.

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