ESPY Q's: Trading places?
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If you could trade places with one person here for one day, who would it be and why?

Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons quarterback: Shaquille O'Neal. Shaquille is big out here in L.A.

George Gervin, Pro Basketball Hall of Famer: Well, in fun, it would be nice to be like a LeBron James, being 19 years old and having the opportunities that he has before him. That would be exciting, but you know, I'm proud of who I am and what I accomplished and in the end, you know, there's nobody like Ice.

Summer Sanders, host of "NBA Inside Stuff" and Olympic gold medalist in swimming: Jackie Joyner-Kersee in 1988. The most amazing athlete, and the most humble person I ever met.

Roy Jones Jr.
Roy Jones took home the "Outstanding Referral of Oneself in the Third Person" award.
Roy Jones, Jr., boxer: Nobody. I'm just happy being Roy.

Warren Moon, former NFL quarterback: Probably Jamie Foxx. I'd love to host something like this.

Omar Epps, actor: I'd say Serena Williams, just to get to kick butt and dominate. She's like the female Jordan. She's completely dominant.

Paul Schulte, disabled athlete: I wish Samuel L. Jackson were going to be here, because he's just a straight cool cat, and I'd love to be him for a night.

Craig Krenzel, Ohio State quarterback: Does Hugh Hefner count?

Marcellus Wiley, San Diego Chargers defensive end: I would say Tiger Woods because the only time I get on a charter plane is when my owner says, "All right, c'mon, bum." Plus, I'd love to play a noncontact sport where you still get all the love. I would say Hugh Hefner -- but he doesn't like brunettes.

Kato Kaelin, actor, comedian former O.J. Simpson houseguest: For the glamour, I'd have to say Brett Favre. Because he's a quarterback -- and that's what I was in high school. I was a high school quarterback, and I was also valedictorian and the prom king. Of course, I was home-schooled. You should've seen our prom. It was me in the kitchen with my mom.

Tommy Maddox, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback: I really wouldn't trade places with anybody. I admire a lot of guys out there tonight, and I'd love to meet a lot of them. But I've got a beautiful wife and kids, and I've learned a lot with what I've been through. So I wouldn't trade my life for anybody's.


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