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What's hot, what's not
for summer 2001

Special to Page 2

It has been almost six months since Page 2 declared what was "in" and what was "out" for 2001.

Never ones to shy away from accountability, we update The Hot & Not List just in time to keep fans on the cusp of what's hip and what's passé for the long, hot summer. Never feel awkward or unprepared during the water-cooler, beach-chair, barstool or first-date debate again:

Page 2's Hot 'n' Not list for summer 2001
Category   Hot   Not
Tennis diva   Jennifer CapriatiJennifer Capriati   Anna KournikovaAnna Kournikova
Jersey   Half old-team, half new-team   Retro
Hoops skill   Fancy dribbling   Fancy dunking
Golf skill to work on   Short putts   Approach game
Halftime entertainment   Game shows   Concerts
Chicago baby name   Kerry   Sammy
Reason to visit Seattle   Ichiro   Coffee, Grunge
"AI" role   Haley Joel OsmentHaley Joel Osment   Allen IversonAllen Iverson
Reclamation project   Marty Cordova   Derek Bell
Ballpark give-aways   Bobbleheads   Beanie Babies
Manning   Eli   David
Athlete ride   Cadillac Escalade   Lincoln Navigator
Young punk with fastball   A.J. BurnettA.J. Burnett   Jaret WrightJaret Wright
Reason to be traded   Go to a contender   Play closer to home
Reason to get mad   Play at Comerica Park   Trade rumors
NBA draft fashion   Conservative three-button   Flashy colors
NFL controversy   "Voluntary" workout attendance   Being charged with a crime
"He's Due" player   Mark GraceMark Grace   Ray BourqueRay Bourque
Controversy   Ripken or Glaus?   Strike Zone
Hip fan   Eddie Vedder
  Alice Cooper
Slugger   Barry Bonds   Anyone not named Barry Bonds
NFL minicamp nuisance   All-access cameras   Holdouts
Nickname   Kobe Wan Kenobi   Any C-Webb derivative
NL All-Star outfielder   Luis GonzalezLuis Gonzalez   Ken GriffeyKen Griffey
Series we want to see   Cubs-Red Sox   Any involving a New York team
Farewell tour   Cal Ripken   Montreal Expos
Injury   Broken ribs   Back spasms
Anthem singer   Tyronn LueBeyonce Knowles   Tyronn LueSteven Tyler
Footwear   Slip-ons   The Kobe
Catchphrase   Done ... and done.   You are the weakest link. Goodbye.
Ad parody   Nike Freestyle   Budweiser Wazzup?
How to treat the media   Bonds' surliness   A-Rod's slickness
Must-have accessory for the 'Y' game   Full-length arm sleeve   Knee wrap
Athlete toy   Two-way pager   Nintendo in car
Way to reach athletes   Instant messages   Wait around locker room entrance
NBA comeback rationale   Show the kids what's what   Be the league savior
Heisman buzz   Chris SimmsChris Simms   Drew HensonDrew Henson
NBA slogan   I'm in the zone!   It's all good
FL   A   X
It's already getting old   Lakers   Avs

Dan Shanoff is a regular contributor to Page 2. Agree or disagree with what's hot? Send Page 2 your comments.

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