What's hot for 2004
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

Continuing a seven-year tradition, Page 2 updates the annual "What's Hot, What's Not" List just in time to keep you ahead of the trends for what's hip and what's passe in 2004. This way, as you realize that your New Year's resolutions were as miscalculated as the BCS, at least you can keep the respect of your co-workers, buddies, significant others and yourself, with a commitment to the hottest scoops in sports and otherwise.

For the complete look at what's in for 2004 and what's so last year, check out the list below:

Category Hot (for '04) Not Hot (so '03)
Ashley Judd (as always)

Ben Affleck
Sports Rennaissance city Cincinnati Anywhere, Texas
Sport to train toddler in Poker NASCAR
Game system PSP PS2
"Gotcha, Coach!" Video-enabled cell phones Camera-enabled cell phones

Kobe Bryant '04 Trial of the Century '04 Free Agent of the Century
Olympics problem Undetectable steroids Hookers on strike
DVD Seinfeld, Season One Lord of the Rings
Anniversary Real-life Hoosiers Webber's "T.O."
Hilton Nicky Paris
Celeb couple Gwyneth and Chris Jessica and Nick
Reality TV show "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee" "Punk'd"
Diet Athens Atkins
"Groupies" scene Olympic Village NBA All-Star Weekend
Farewell tour
Brett Favre

Emmitt Smith
At-bat music Brit-hop Crunk
Must-read blog TMFTML Gawker
Off-field, -court headgear Skullies/beanies Foam 'n mesh hats
Jerseys Trades you WISH happened Retro players
Regulatory development Steroid "testing" Coaching "ethics"
NBA personality

Ride Hybrids Hummers
NBA talent pool Russia/Asia Europe
City that deserves more pro teams D.C. Charlotte
End-zone celebration Can-you-top-this? Derivative
World Series we'd like to see Cubs-Red Sox Cubs-Red Sox
Maurice Clarett Precedent Pariah
Endorser (male) Carmelo LeBron
Endorser (female)

Anna K
Must-have football jersey LeBron James Carson Palmer
College football feel-good story Mississippi State Mississippi
Obligatory Anna Kournikova reference Reality TV show star (she's due) Real TV field reporter
Solid idea that just needs tweaking "Brooklyn Nets" Virtual manager
Secret speech-pattern Anything but "-izzle" Anything "-izzle"
Sports movie 1980 Olympic hockey 1940 horse racing
Athlete must-have Personal DVR Personal GPS
Cliched male demographic "Gear Guy" "Metrosexual"
What older athletes do TV ads TV analyst
Notre Dame game plan Bank that TV green Join a conference
Fascinating college-hoops freshman Luol Deng (Duke) Matt Walsh (Florida)
NBA significant other
It's always Tyra Banks

Joumana Kidd
Coaching PR blunder "I didn't do it." Rip on sideline reporter
Sweet scientist Joe Mesi Mike Tyson
March Cinderella Vanderbilt Butler
Bonds' home-run milestone Babe's 714 600 career
NBA trade bait
Any Knick

Antoine Walker
College-football recruiting need USC-like speed BCS specialist
QB skill Touch Arm strength
Female hotties are ... Olympic swimmers Golfers
Heisman qualifier Sixth-year senior Plains States bias
Anthem singer Next "American Idol" Little kids
Facial hair None "Cowboy Up" mutton chops
Boston baby name Curt Pedro
NFL QB prospect Ben Roethlisberger Eli Manning
Pin-up athlete
Maria Sharapova

Jennie Finch
BCS complaint Human polls Computer polls
NBA on-court accessory Double-wide headband Full-length leg sleeves
Hip athlete cameo role Indie flicks TV shows
Women's soccer diva Heather Mitts Mia Hamm
WNBA savior Diana Taurasi Lisa Leslie
NASCAR fun Playoffs Punches
Non-Tiger golfer Michelle Wie Annika Sorenstam
Pitching duo Beckett/Willis Prior/Wood
Boston bachelor Theo Epstein Ben Affleck
Fashion faux-pas Tucked-in shirt UGG boots
"Can't-miss" NBA prospect Dwight Howard Darko Milicic
Athlete as actor Darius Miles Gary Stevens
Kicks Air Zoom Generation (LeBrons) Air Force 1s
Most fun in Texas
Booing A-Rod

Cheering Parcells
Sports tickets Collectors' item Variable-pricing plans
TV ratings bonanza High-school football High-school hoops
Next MLB champs BoSox, finally! Marlins repeat
Real NBA Finals Spurs-Lakers West finals Kings-Lakers anything
NFL Champs Pats' overachievement Bucs' one-hit wonder
Dynasty U.S. Olympic hero Michael Phelps Mount Union (D3 football)

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.



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