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Atlanta Braves fans
We wish they'd drop the chop.
After more than a year of creating new Top 10 lists every week, Page 2 is tired. And we want your help ... we need your help ... can you handle helping us? If so, check out your suggestions of what lists you'd like us to compile in the future. We've listed your top 10 along with a poll to pick your favorite.

To provide a little inspiration, we are running our list of our 10 Favorite Lists ever, along with our No. 1 and your No. 1 for each list.

1. Irritating Thing at Sporting Events That Must Stop ... Immediately
Our No. 1: The Tomahawk Chop
Your No. 1: People talking on cell phones behind home plate and then waving to the camera
Poll winner: People talking on cell phones behind home plate and then waving to the camera

2. Worst Call in Sports History
Our No. 1: Don Denkinger calls Royals' Jorge Orta safe at first in Game 6 of 1985 World Series
Your No. 1: Chuck Knoblauch's phantom tag
Poll winner: Soviet Union gets extra time to win gold in 1972 Olympic basketball

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan's still cool in any uniform.
3. Best Moment in a Baseball Movie
Our No. 1: Ray Hobbs' (Robert Redford) homer into the light tower in "The Natural"
Your No. 1: Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) playing catch with his father (Dwier Brown) in "Field of Dreams"
Poll winner: Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) playing catch with his father (Dwier Brown) in "Field of Dreams"

4. Active Athlete Who Should Hang It Up
Our No. 1: Evander Holyfield
Your No. 1: Patrick Ewing
Poll winner: Patrick Ewing

5. Coolest Athlete Ever
Our No. 1: Joe Namath
Your No. 1: Michael Jordan
Poll winner: Michael Jordan

6. Worst Current Owner
Our No. 1: Donald Sterling of the L. A. Clippers
Your No. 1: Jeremy Jacobs of the Boston Bruins
Poll winner: Jerry Jones

Halle Berry
Shameless excuse to run a Halle Berry photo.
7. Best Feud Ever
Our No. 1: Ali-Frazier
Your No. 1: Reggie Miller-spike Lee
Poll winner: Red Sox vs. Yankees

8. Least Likeable Football Player Ever
Our No. 1: Jack Tatum
Your No. 1: Deion Sanders
Poll winner: Deion Sanders

9. Greatest Sports Wife of All-Time
Our No. 1: Halle Berry (David Justice)
Your No. 1: Janet Jones (Wayne Gretzky)
Poll winner: Elsa Benitez (Rony Seikaly)

10. Best Nickname
Our No. 1: The Immaculate Reception
Your No. 1: "Sweetness" (Walter Payton)
Poll winner: He Hate Me (Rod Smart)


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