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From the Page 2 mailbag

We asked for your help, and more than 500 of you came through with suggestions for future Page 2 lists. Needless to say, there was a lot of overlap, and some of you suggested lists Page 2 has already done. Tsk, tsk. But we forgive you, because we are good and kind and fair.

Here's how Page 2 editors ranked our 10 favorite lists from the past year:

1. Irritating Thing at Sporting Events That Must Stop ... Immediately
2. Worst Call in Sports History
3. Best Moment in a Baseball Movie
4. Active Athlete Who Should Hang It Up
5. Coolest Athlete Ever
6. Worst Current Owner
7. Best Feud Ever
8. Least Likeable Football Player Ever
9. Greatest Sports Wife of All-Time
10. Best Nickname

We've picked our 10 favorites, along with a few alternates, and we will use most -- and possibly all -- of these in future weeks. Vote in the poll at the right for your top choice.

1. Sports phrases that most need to be stricken from the language

  • "Guys stepping up"
  • "Guys making plays"
  • "Much-maligned secondary"
  • "Play within ourselves" (What's the alternative? Play without ourselves? Play outside of ourselves?)
  • Anything that comes out of Bill Walton's mouth
  • Referring to athletes in the plural à ;a Joe Theismann: "When you talk about the elite quarterbacks, you talk about the Brett Favres, the Kurt Warners ..." (Peter Gammons has an interesting version of this, in that he always throws in someone who blatantly doesn't belong: "They need a big bat, like a Jason Giambi, or an Alex Rodriguez, or a Rey Ordoñez.")
    Jeffrey Staggs

    2. Funniest athletes of all-time
    St. Louis

    3. Worst uniforms ever
    Rosie A.
    Columbus, Ohio

    3a. Best uniforms ever
    Rosie A.
    Columbus, Ohio

    4. Toughest franchises to be a fan of
    Red Sox, Cubs, Clippers, Vikings all make my list.
    Matt Leveille
    South Hadley, Mass.

    5. Best teams not to win a championship
    Dave Craig

    6. Best performances by an athlete or coach in a commercial
    Joe McCann
    Leawood, Kan.

    7. Best announcers' calls
    The phaze

    8. Strangest sports superstitions or rituals
    Wade Boggs eating only chicken. Harold Miner touching things with his nose.
    San Francisco

    9. Biggest scandals in sports history
    Skategate, Blacksox, Tonya/Nancy, Roy Jones Jr.
    Metairie, La.

    10. Best sports video games ever
    Stephen Dahl
    Dayton, N.J.

    Also receiving votes

  • Greatest one-shot wonders
  • Greatest dynasties
  • Most heart-breaking losses
  • Most touching tear-jerk moments
  • Greatest all-around athletes of all-time
  • Best sports colloquialisms
  • Biggest chokes


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