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12-year-old phenom
Morgan Pressel

Page 2 staff

Morgan Pressel is in the seventh grade. She's also in the field for U.S. Women's Open golf tournament, which starts May 31 at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club in Southern Pines, N.C.

Morgan Pressel
Morgan Pressel loves cheeseburgers, math class and the pop group "Dream."
So, how does a pre-teen earn the chance to play alongside Annika Sorenstam? Page 2 grilled Pressel with our 10 Burning Questions to try to find out her secrets.

1. Page 2: Backstreet Boys or *N Sync?
Pressel: "I was asked that earlier today. I'll tell you that the Backstreet Boys and *N Sync are both so gone. I think *N Sync is better by far, but my favorite group is Dream."

2. Who would win a round between Happy Gilmore and Tiger Woods?
Pressel: "Probably Tiger. But I've seen that movie at least a million times."

2a. Do you pattern your game after Happy?
Pressel: "I don't beat up Bob Barker, that's for sure."

3. If you won the Masters, what meal would you serve at the champion's dinner?
Happy Gilmore
Pressel's a big "Happy Gilmore" fan, but she doesn't fight with Bob Barker.
Pressel: "I don't know. My favorite food is cheeseburgers. So probably cheeseburgers and fries. But it's got to be plain cheeserburgers, just American cheese and medium rare. No onions or mushrooms or bacon or anything. Just plain and simple cheeseburgers."

4. Do you have a boyfriend yet?
Pressel: "No. I had one but we broke up last year."

He must have been threatened by your success.

5. What's your allowance?
Pressel: "I don't get one. I should ask for some."

You need to preserve your amateur status.
Pressel: "I should become a pro at cleaning my room. I would lose every week."

*N Sync
*N Sync is yesterday's news to Pressel.
6. Who pays for your greens fees?
Pressel: "Grandpa."

7. What's your favorite subject in school?
Pressel: "Math. It's just easy for me."

8. What's your favorite website?
Pressel: "Shockwave and They're game sites."

9. Should Casey Martin be allowed to use a cart?
Pressel: "Yes. I just think he should. That (issue) was so long ago. I decided last year, and I can't remember why."

10. If you could have any superpower, which would choose: the strength of 100 men, ability to fly or turn invisible?
Pressel: "Turn invisible. But I wouldn't do it to be sneaky, just maybe to get myself out of a sticky situation by disappearing."

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