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Jason Priestley

Page 2 staff

Teen idol, actor, director and race-car driver. Jason Priestley has worked at just about every profession he has desired.

Jason Priestley
Guess which one was the TV heartthrob? Jason Priestley, left, in the broadcast booth with Bob Jenkins and Larry Rice.
His latest job is as an announcer for ABC Sports for Indy Racing League broadcasts, including Sunday's Indianapolis 500.

So, Page 2 asked Priestley 10 burning questions that others wouldn't dare to ask.

1. Page 2: Who's your pick to win the Indy 500?
Priestley: My dark horse is Jeff Ward. Jeff's car has been really consistent, his team has been very consistent, and his engine's very reliable. He's an old veteran who has been through the battle, and he's well poised to win the race.

Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward
1a. Is Indy back as a major event?
Priestley: With all the CART teams coming back, with all the high-profile drivers that entails, I would say yes.

2. Have you thought about taking up racing as a second career?
Priestley: Well, I've been a professional racer for nine years. And if I could get it to pay me as much as acting, I'd give up all the rest in a second. Working in television, however, has made me accustomed to a certain lifestyle that I'd like to maintain ...

Theoren Fleury
Theoren Fleury is one of Priestley's little buddies.
2a. What's the fastest you've driven on the track?
Priestley: 208.

2b. OK, then what's the fastest you've driven off the track?
Priestley: 208. No, just kidding. I never exceed the posted speed limit.

3. What would you say to people who don't think auto racing is a sport?
Priestley: Goodbye, you moron.

3a. Who's your favorite race-car driver?
Priestley: Jason Priestley. Man, that guy is awesome. No, just kidding. Colin McRae. Simply look at what he does. He amazes me. And he's Scottish!

Colin McRae
Rally driver Colin McRae amazes Priestley.
4. What would you rather win, the Stanley Cup or the Indy 500?
Priestley: The Stanley Cup. Why? I'm Canadian!

4a. What do you miss most about not being in Canada?
Priestley: Well, I'm from Vancouver. I miss my boats, and I miss having the ability to be out on the water during the daytime and then go skiing at night. And I miss Canadian beer.

4b. Who's the best Canadian female musician, Celine Dion, Alanis Morrissette or Shania Twain?
Priestley: Shania Twain. No, wait. I'm not picking from that list. I would pick ... hmm. The one I'm most friendly with is Sarah McLachlan. The one I'm most impressed with is Diana Krall.

Diana Krall
Jazz pianist Diana Krall is more impressive than Celine Dion, Alanis Morrissette or Shania Twain.
4c. Who's your favorite hockey player?
Priestley: Theo Fleury. Because he's one of my very dear friends. And he's a little guy with a big chip on his shoulder, just like me. Us little guys need to stick together.

5. We hear you enjoy the company of bare-naked ladies.
Priestley: Of course I do. Who doesn't?

5a. But especially the Barenaked Ladies, whose documentary you directed. Why are you such a big fan of theirs?
Priestley: I just dig their music. I think they're just incredibly, funny talented, entertaining guys. And they're real good kissers, so that's a plus.

6. Which superpower would you rather have, the strength of 100 men, the ability to fly, or the ability to be invisible?
Barenaked Ladies
Jason Priestley, far right, hangs out at the White House with Barenaked Ladies, from left, Jim Creeggan, Ed Robertson and Steven Page.
Priestley: Invisible, for sure. Look at my life! You never appreciate your anonymity until you don't have it anymore.

7. It's your last meal on Earth. What do you eat?
Priestley: Macaroni and cheese. Land O' Lakes. Out of the box.

8. Did you keep count of how many relationships your character, Brandon Walsh, had on "Beverly Hills 90210"?
Priestley: (Groans) No. I couldn't keep track.

9. Do you think more people will watch the Indy 500 because you're announcing?
Priestley: No. People don't watch it for the announcers. People watch it because it's the greatest spectacle in motor sports.

9a. Have you had any broadcasting bloopers so far?
Jack Arute
Jack Arute
Priestley: Not so much bloopers of myself. But during the Atlanta race, we were listening to Buddy Lazier's radio when left front tire fell off. We actually heard him say, "Hey, there's something wrong with the left rear tire." Then it fell off, and he yells, "Oh, holy (crap)! And then any time it's with Jack Arute, it's a blooper. Everything he does is a blooper.

10. Sideburns. In or out?
Priestley: Sideburns will never go out of style. They're an accessory, an option. That's like asking a woman if purses or shoes go out of style. I have them right now, big full mutton chops.

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