2003 NCAA Tourney All-Name Teams
By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

They are a TV announcer's dream and fan favorites. Every year, a handful of players rise up from obscurity, thanks to the stage of the NCAA Tournament and their unique names.

We've done the heavy lifting for you, poring over all 129 rosters from the men's and women's tournament. Just remember: The feeling from winning is temporary, but a great name is forever.

First team
Royal Ivey, Texas
Koko Archibong.
You better have mad game if your name is Koko.
Koko Archibong, Penn
Lacedrick Pettway, Troy State
KaVoris Bivins, NC-Asheville
Brett Blizzard, UNC Wilmington

Second team
Winsome Frazier, Mississippi State
Xavier Whipple, LSU
Othello Alford, Sam Houston St.
Reggie Rambo, Alabama
Chevy Troutman, Pitt

Third team
Zakee Wadood, E. Tenn. St.
Sydmill Harris, Texas
Quantone Smith, Colorado St.
Aloysius Anagonye, Michigan State
Justin Jackette, Manhattan

Fourth team
Adam Falsetto, Vermont
Brad Nuckles, E. Tenn. St.
Kevin Massiah, W. Kentucky
Dewy Dewitt, Arizona State
Moses Malone Jr., S. Carolina State

First team
Iciss Tillis, Duke
Chrystal Baptist, North Carolina
La'Tangela Atkinson, North Carolina
Alphalisha Johnson, Southwest Texas
Tan White
It must get confusing when your name is an oxymoron. Right, Tan White?
Tan White, Mississippi State

Second team
Shawntinice Polk, Arizona
Le'Tania Severe, Notre Dame
Wynter Whitley, Duke
Peaches Harris, Charlotte
Tye'sha Fluker, Tennessee

Third team
Mistie Bass, Duke
Chrystal Starling, Virginia Tech
Miklannet Tennal, Texas Tech
Shamya Sermons, Chattanooga
Aimee Grzyb, Arizona

Fourth team
Seimone Augustus, LSU
Ke-Ke Tardy, LSU
T'Nae Thiel, Stanford
Krystion Obie, Charlotte
Anna Montanana, G. Washington

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