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It's been almost two months since you resolved to try new things. And no, bowling lefty doesn't count. So how 'bout's RPM Challenge? Simple game: Buy five drivers without breaking the $100 million cap. Points mimic the NASCAR Winston Cup system, making top-10 finishes and lap-leading the keys. Now, racing's not my strong suit. Shoot, I once asked a driver what it felt like as his car flipped out of control. I now know that you don't ask stuff like that. See, I'm learning. Here's some more stuff I've picked up:

Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart-Joe Gibbs rocks. Always did. These two drivers combined last season to give Gibbs' Pontiacs the most wins of any team (10). Stewart sped to 12 top-5 finishes, and Labonte missed the top 20 just twice in 33 races.

Jeff Gordon-The Rainbow Warrior will be an underlay because he won just $2.5 million in 2000-his worst year since '94. But Gordon was lightning down the stretch, closing with nine top-10 finishes. Chalk up the early trouble to a new car (Monte Carlo) and crew chief (Robbie Loomis). Now he's dialed in.

Bill Elliott-No wins for Awesome Bill from Dawsonville for the sixth straight year. Yes, he's signed on with Ray Evernham's team, but word is that them Dodges are runnin' slow.

Looking for a greenhorn bargain? Try rookie Casey Atwood. Three years ago he was the youngest Busch Series driver ever; two years ago he finished 13th in the Series; and last year he was eighth. Looks like he's a quick study. And I would know.

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