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Next Voices: Dajuan Wagner
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One of the nation's top high school players, Dajuan is the son of Milt Wagner, who also played at Camden High, then went on to star at Louisville (1981-86) and play in the NBA (for the Lakers and the Heat). Dajuan, who will be playing next year for Memphis, where his father is coordinator of basketball operations, recently scored 100 points in Camden's 157-67 victory over Gloucester Township Technical School.

  • I think the most my father scored in a game for Camden was 52 points. But back in those days there were no threes.

  • I've been averaging almost 50 this season. All year long, my friends had been telling me to go for 100.

  • We're undefeated and ranked third in the country. So I'm thinking more about winning than scoring. I'd never go out just to score 100. When we came out against Gloucester, for me, it was just a regular game. I treated it same as always, just that the shots were falling from the start.

  • I still don't know how many points I had in the first or second quarter. It wasn't like I was just coming down the court and jacking it up. If nobody on the team had an open shot, I got the ball and went to the basket. I'm telling you, I wasn't even aware of points until the end of the third quarter, when somebody said I had 72. My teammates told me to go for it. We were winning big, but Coach looked at me and said, 'You've got three minutes.' Then he was going to take me out.

  • I can score quick. When I was young, my dad and I used to play this game called Two Dribbles. It's kind of like one-on-one. Only you start out by the three-point line and you've got only two dribbles to score. You can go a long way on two dribbles.

  • My father has a better pure shot than I have. But I think I go to the hole better. That game against Gloucester, everything was working. I must have hit about 10 threes.

  • Whenever I scored in the fourth quarter, I knew exactly how many points I had because everybody in the gym was screaming out the number. I was in the 90s when the three minutes were up, but Coach gave me a little extra time.

  • By the fourth minute, I got to 97, then I put up a three- pointer from a few steps inside the midcourt line and it went in. The crowd was going crazy. I just got back on D. Then Coach took me out.

  • Some people have criticized us for pressing when we had the game won. But, really, we stopped pressing in the third quarter. And if their coach didn't want me to get 100, he should have gone into the Four Corners to stop me. But he didn't.

  • Me scoring 100 points has been a big deal to a lot of people, but it's not that big a deal to me. Like I said, I treated it like any other game.

  • It could happen to me again.

    This article appears in the February 19 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

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