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It's not Heaven's Gate -- not yet, anyway -- but U.S. soccer fans are pretty culty online. Venture into their cyberspace at your own risk.
Stream of wire columns, updated often enough to keep you coming back all day. "Yanks Abroad" helps you keep up with the likes of Joe-Max Moore in the English Premier League.
From copy boy in MLS HQ to travel partner of billionaire Phil Anschutz, Mr. Rumor has been just that to hardcore fans. "R" (as he styles himself) dishes so much dirt that league honchos are desperate to sniff out his identity.
This site is the single most useful Web resource on the sport. Listings for every minute of soccer on U.S. TV, and "soccer-friendly pubs" in the U.S.-- where you can ask for a Mutiny-Wiz game without getting a red card from the bouncer.
The epicenter. Go for a Soccer Philosophy T-Shirt (George Best: "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.") or a Premier League jersey. Stay for the chats. Recent hot topic: "ESPN's Jeff Bradley: Does He Invent Stories?" (You'll be hearing from my attorneys.)

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