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Free-agent-to-be Chris Webber has yet to make his final list of prospective teams and check it twice, but he does have some preliminary opinions:

Knicks: "It would be sweet to win a championship with Spree in a major market. Just because it didn't work out with friends before."

Suns: "I know Jason Kidd is all business. I'd love to play with someone like that."

Rockets: "They're my favorite backcourt to watch, and I know they want me there."

Pistons: "I love Detroit, but one thing that hurts me is the way I was treated when things were going bad for me. They didn't want me, and I have a memory like an elephant."

Magic: "I love Grant Hill and Tracy McGrady's games. A lot of things could happen with a sign-and-trade."

Heat: "I'd have to back up everything I've been talking about. And to play next to Zo? Whoa. But I don't know that the coach is interested."

Lakers: "I'd be content to average 15 and 8 playing with Shaq. But I think Phil Jackson is the kind of guy who thinks he can do it without me. And he has. I don't want to be anywhere I'm not wanted."

Bucks: "I really couldn't see myself living in Milwaukee."

Bulls, or any other lottery team: "I don't want to go somewhere to start all over and help a franchise. No way."

This article appears in the February 19 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

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