Top 10 reasons Anna blew her top
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Say what you will about Anna Kournikova, but you've rarely been able to say she isn't a gracious loser.

Anna Kournikova
Anna Kournikova finally made news for something besides a new billboard.
Maybe she's just had more practice than everyone else, but Miss K. always seems to greet her victorious opponent at the net with a smile and a congratulatory kiss ... and then happily disappear until the opening round of the next tournament.

Until Monday, that is. Following her first-round exit from Wimbledon, Kournikova blew her top in a post-match press conference, drawing the ire of tennis royalty.

Page 2 is certain that Anna must be angry about more than just another quick defeat, so we're offering up 10 possible reasons for her tirade.

10. Ticked off that they didn't remove all the brown M&M's from her dressing-room gift basket.

9. Miffed about proposed changes to the "two-line pass" rule.

8. Wanted to see if John McEnroe really had the nerve to criticize someone else for throwing a tantrum.

7. Irritated by unauthorized release of video of her trying to sing the Russian national anthem but being unable to remember the words.

Tatiana Panova, Anna Kournikova
Fellow Russian Tatiana Panova, left, gives Kournikova the kiss off after knocking her out of Wimbledon on Monday.
6. Irate no one pointed out that she has won as many matches as Martina Hingis over the last few months.

5. Frustrated that the media don't understand her grand scheme: All these early exits will drive up the value of her "game-used" shorts on eBay.

4. Cellulite ... nasty, nasty cellulite!

3. Finally had a chance to read that story about 60 percent of all Russian male hockey players using Viagra.

2. Upset that James Bond producers insisted she use the Bond Girl name, "Ilya Nevawynn."

1. Sickened by the way the media is exploiting this poor 19-year-old Daniela Hantuchova.


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