Being ... Randy Moss
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It's been one thing after another with the troubled Vikings' wunderkind, Randy Moss -- fines, legal problems, bad press, self-inflicted wounds to his public image. To be able to perform at an All-Pro level with all those distractions ... well, Page 2 wondered how that was possible, so we broke into Moss' head in an attempt to find out.


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"Damn, knew I should have taken the SUV today. She's so scrawny I'd have had the clearance to get over her without leaving a scratch."

"If I needed a browbeating, I'd hang out in the 'Inside the NFL' studio."

"Me and Daunte played Test Drive all day yesterday. He said that you get bonus points for hittin' people."

"Growing up normal in West Virginia is damn near impossible -- just ask White Chocolate."


"Man, I hope 40 percent of the play around here ain't coming my way."

"I saw this giant cheese enchilada jump in front of my car. Next thing I know, there's a woman on the hood."