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What's hot, what's not
for 2001-02 college hoops

Special to Page 2

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As the new college hoops season tips off (beginning Thursday and Friday with Maryland, Arizona, Florida and Temple at Madison Square Garden, 6:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2), it becomes increasingly important to be able to add more value to your at-work lunchtime debates than "Hey, I really like that Jason Williams kid." Your preparation must include the scoop on the hottest storylines, names and trends. Heaven forbid you mistakenly reference "Shane Battier" and risk social ostracism.

Study the 2001-2002 college hoops "What's Hot, What's Not" List below, then settle back for a season of Big Mondays, climb aboard your favorite barstool, dive into a debate among co-workers, or -- as always the tradition of the Page 2 "What's Hot, What's Not" List -- impress your significant other during a romantic dinner date:

Page 2's Hot 'n' Not list for NBA season
Category   Hot   Not
Grow it out (like Gonzaga's Dan Dickau)
Cornrows (like St. Joe's Marvin O'Connor)
Needs more pub  
Bernard Robinson (Michigan)
Tayshaun Prince (Kentucky)
Jersey the cool kids are wearing  
"Mizzou 21" (Kareem Rush)
"N.C. 42" (Kris Lang)
Mighty mite   John Linehan (Providence)   Jason Gardner (Arizona)
"Matt Brust Hasn't-He-Been-In-College-Forever? Award" winner   Luke Recker, Iowa   B.B. Waldon, South Florida
Freshman not named DeJuan Wagner  
Julius Hodge (N.C. State)
Tyson Chandler (Chicago Bulls)
On-court style statement   Socks pulled up high   Headbands
Skill to show NBA scouts   Mid-range jumper   Flashy dunking
Georgia State
Conference   C-USA   WAC
NCAA controversy   Status of European club players   Preseason tournament exemptions
Venue   The Pyramid (Memphis, Tenn.)   Anywhere in Las Vegas
RPI factor   Strength of non-conference schedule   Total number of team wins
Telegenic coach  
Rick Pitino (Louisville)
Fran Fraschilla (New Mexico)
Overconfident of NBA-readiness  
Chris Duhon
Omar Cook
Arena nickname   The Dunk (Providence's Dunkin Donuts Center)   The Barn (Minnesota's Williams Arena)
Location for Bobby Knight tantrum  
Lubbock, Texas
Bloomington, Indiana
Key to deep NCAA tourney run   Stingy defense   Hot point guard
Most talent in Memphis   Tigers   Grizzlies
In the paint   Stocky rebounders (like Florida's Udonis Haslem)   Lean shot-blockers (like ex-Arizona center Loren Woods
Barstool debate   Williams/Duhon: Best backcourt EVER?   Calipari/Pitino: Better dresser?
Road-trip junkie Mecca   Cole Field House (Maryland)   Shoemaker Center (Cincinnati)
Shoes to fill  
Brian Scalabrine (USC)
Shane Battier (Duke)
"Me, Too!" Coaching Strategy   PG full-court press   Everyone shoot 3s!
Blood-boiling rivalry   Louisville-Memphis   Kentucky-Indiana
Baby name in Tennessee   DeJuan   Buzz
Unconventional pick for champ  
St. Joseph's
The "D"-word

Dan Shanoff is a regular contributor to Page 2.

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