Oregon Ducks mascot
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If it walks like a Duck and talks like a Duck, what's the difference?

A big difference to University of Oregon fans who watched Saturday as the school hatched its redesigned, space-age Ducks mascot. Surely more than a few old hippies in Eugene thought they were having flashbacks to the last long-ago Grateful Dead show at Autzen Stadium. It was just the birth of a sleek, creatine-boosted mallard created with help from Nike and a Broadway costume designer.

Many liked the new waterfowl, but we were quackless. Obviously, since ESPN.com is a Disney-owned entity, we have a fondness for the Walt Disney-designed Donald Duck version that's been Oregon's mascot since 1947.

The school says there's room for both birds, but Page 2 wants to find out which of these Oregon Ducks mascots you believe looks the best. Check out the new mascot and the old one below and register your opinion by voting in the poll at right.

New Ducks mascotOld Ducks mascot
New Duck
Old Duck


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