What's hot, what's not in 2002
By Dan Shanoff
Special to Page 2

Continuing a five-year tradition, we update the Hot 'n' Not List just in time to keep you ahead of the trends for what's hip and what's passé for 2002.

Forget what you knew -- or thought -- was "in" and avoid feeling awkward or unprepared at the water cooler, on the beach chair or barstool, or during that first-date sports debate:

What's Hot 'n' Not in 2002
Category Hot Not
NFL Renaissance city

New England hopes and dreams Brady, not Bledsoe, leads Pats to Super Bowl Carpetbagging owners lead Red Sox to World Series
Sport to train your toddler in Golf Hoops
Athletes' must-have car accessory XBox GPS
Farewell tour

Darrell Green
CD "Jay-Z Unplugged" "Danny Weurffel Sings"
Off-field, -court headgear Hooded sweatshirts Ski caps
MLB Jersey Contraction teams (Twins, Expos) Bay Area teams (A's, Giants)
NBA personality Still Mark Cuban Pat Croce
Contract perk Throw in an Escalade An office at the stadium
Quentin Richardson

Lamar Odom
Talent pool Development leagues AAU leagues
City that deserves more pro teams New York Las Vegas
NFL nuisance Selling beer in "throwaway" plastic bottles All-access cameras
World Series we'd like to see Twins-Expos Rangers-Diamondbacks
Athletic apparel Fubu Platinum, "Ali" line Burberry plaid
Endorser (male)
Shane Battier

Shaun King
Endorser (female)
Sheryl Swoopes

Venus Williams
Whatever happened to ... ?
David Tua

Shaun King
Must-have jersey (NFL) Jerry Rice Daunte Culpepper
Catch phrase "Holla!" "Bling, bling."
Baseball fans' biggest problem Strike Contraction
Reason to visit St. Louis Albert Pujols Mark McGwire
What older athletes do Come back Retire
NBA groupie
Tyra Banks

Geri Halliwell
Record to beat Bulls' 72 wins Most AL wins, season
Scrappy underdog Tom Brady Mike Penberthy
Hoops progeny
Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Luke Walton
Pro hoops league NBDL ABA 2000
Women's sport Hockey Soccer
Heisman qualifier No sophomores Meaningful statistics
Anthem singer

Beyonce Knowles
Stadium give-aways Spirit towels Bobbleheads
Facial hair Thin line around jawbone Soul patches
College football program builder
Ralph Friedgen

Randy Walker
Baby name Ichiro Byung-Hyun
Notre Dame problem Coaches who misrepresent themselves Coaches who can't coach
Athlete investments Buying teams Diversified jewelry
QB prototype
David Carr

Elvis Grbac
L.A. place to be seen Staples Center (for Clippers games) Staples Center (for Lakers games)
Tennis stud
Gustavo Kuerten

Andy Roddick
Poll system Fans vote online BCS
Hot wrist accessory Sweatbands Personalized rubber bands
Hip cameo role Athlete bio-pics "Oz"
Two-sport star Adrian McPherson (FSU) Drew Henson (ex-Michigan)
Women's soccer diva
Tiffeny Milbrett

Mia Hamm
Women's college hoops
Kelly Mazzante (Penn State)

Jackie Stiles (SMS)
Utah locale Salt Lake City Provo
Argentina Soccer Monetary system
MLS bandwagon Landon Donovan Clint Mathis
World Cup fan favorites Japan France
NASCAR poster Kevin Harvick Jeff Gordon
"Move over, Williams sisters," tennis story
Jelena Dokic

Jennifer Capriati
Kids on the links Aree and Naree Wongluekiet Ty Tryon
Young NHL stud
Dany Heatley

Vincent LeCavalier
Golf brand Titleist Callaway
Fascinating college hoops freshman
James White (Florida)

Dajuan Wagner (Memphis)
College coaching candidate in Southwest Tim Floyd Dan Issel
College football feel-gooders

Fresno State
Hockey product One-piece "Synergy" sticks Blue Jacket jerseys
Coach with most right to gripe Mike Bellotti Gary Barnett
Bad-boy attitude still mildly entertaining
Terrell "They Hate Me" Owens

Randy "I Hate Giving My All" Moss
Pitching duo to watch Clemens and Wells Johnson and Schilling
Lame golf excuse "It was my conditioning." "It was my caddie."

Seventh-inning stretch song "God Bless America" "Thank God I'm a Country Boy"
Good idea that just needs tweaking Virtual advertising Virtual manager
Sweet scientist
Bernard Hopkins

Hasim "Rock" Rahman
Little League player violation Too big Too old
Basketball shoes Hide-the-laces Patent leather
"Fashionable" faux-pas Shorts are too long Untucked jersey
Boneheaded coaching PR move Not utilizing "coach's TV show" effectively Engaging fans at courtside
Actor as athlete Will Smith Freddie Prinze Jr.
Heisman buzz
Byron Leftwich (Marshall)

Chris Simms (Texas)
Sports TV yuks guy Charles Barkley Jayson Williams

MJ's role Miracle worker Sidekick
Halftime entertainment Playboy Fear Factor Game shows
New York stadium Shea Yankee
NHL netminder
Nikolai Khabibulin

Mike Dunham
Hoops skill Fancy passing Fancy dribbling
Golf skill to work on Getting out of sand Short putts
Olympic hockey
Team Canada

Team Czech Republic
Reason to visit Seattle Prep hoopsters Rodrick and Lodrick Stewart Ichiro
New York hockey team

FL US (nostalgia) X
UNC hoopster Raymond Felton (Class of '06) Antawn Jamison (NBA has-been)
NHL enforcer Georges Laraque Donald Brashear
BMOC at Michigan
Alan Webb

Tommy Amaker
College football formation Pro style Spread
Baseball free-agency trend Help the New York teams 70-plus homers and only one stinkin' year?
TV analyst style Details Dumbing it down
End-zone celebration "Shh!" (finger to lips) Dunking over crossbar
Texas star
Major Applewhite

Alex Rodriguez
Reason to be traded MJ wants you for Wiz rebuilding Weight-clause violations
TV ads FedEx Burger King's Nike rip-off
Hoops fashion statement Knee-high socks Headbands
"He's due" player
Rich Gannon

Mark Grace
Jock reputation Patriotic Bookish
Coaching genius Dick Jauron Andy Reid
Brothers Urlacher Giambi
Sports brat Ryan Leaf It's always Ryan Leaf
Fan apathy

How athletes communicate The tiny silver Motorola cell phone Blackberry
It's gettin' old Lakers National pride

Dan Shanoff is a regular contributor to Page 2. Agree or disagree with what's hot? Want to send in your prediction of what will be "in" in 2002? Send Page 2 your comments.



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