Being ... George Steinbrenner
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For the first time since 1997, a World Series will be played without the Yankees. So, it's a good bet that George Steinbrenner is on the verge of doing something irrational. Page 2 looks inside Steinbrenner's head to find out just how irrational he might be:


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"I can't believe this! The mighty Yankees -- team of Ruth and DiMaggio and Mantle and Reggie -- beaten by a midget!?!?"

"Let me see if I've got this right ... we traded for Mondesi and his $20 million-plus contract because he's a good fielder?"

"Hmm, those two might make nice seventh and eighth starters for us next year."

"It has been 711 days since the guy won a World Series, so I think the fans would support a change."

"OK, we'll keep the kid, but we've got to get him a bigger glove."

"How are we going to solve our problem in right field? Don't worry, I've got a plan.

"People think I make a lot of knee-jerk reactions, but trust me, a contending team can go to pot in a hurry."