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Bad Moon & Left-Eye
wedding mementos

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News item: Oakland Raiders wide receiver Andre Rison announced last week that he and recording artist Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes will marry in July. The couple had broken up temporarily seven years ago, after the singer from the popular group TLC torched Rison's Atlanta-area mansion in a fit a rage.

Mr. Andre Rison and Ms. Lisa Lopes
Request the honor of your presence
At their wedding
On Thursday, the fifth of July
At one o'clock in the afternoon
Atlanta Botanical Garden

Reception immediately following the ceremony
At the groom's mansion

(Note: In case of arson, the reception will be moved to the Sons of Norway Hall)

Macy's Bridal Registry
Couple: Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison
Wedding date: July 5, 2001
Item No. desired Purchased
Dinner plate 32 2
Salad plate 32 0
Gravy boat 2 0
Knives 32 0
Forks 32 0
Salad forks 32 0
Spoons 32 4
Soup spoons 32 2
Ladle 4 0
Wine glasses 32 0
Wine flutes 32 0
Tumblers 32 0
Candlestick holders 40 0
Aromatherapy candles 200 0
Fire extinguisher 1 66
Smoke alarms 4 93

Andre Rison
From: Dennis Rodman
To: Andre Rison
Subject: Don't do it man!!!!


just heard about the wedding. just one piece of advice, man -- pre-nup.

and remember, it's never too late to back out -- even after the ceremony.
just say you were drunk and don't remember anything.


Hit recording artist Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and NFL receiver Andre Rison pledged eternal love to each other in a lavish July 5 wedding ceremony at Atlanta Botanical Garden that was attended by family, friends, teammates, recording artists and volunteers from the Buckhead fire department.

The bride, 30, is a Philadelphia native and part of the internationally known recording group, TLC. The groom, 34, attended Michigan State and was last employed by the Oakland Raiders.

The bridesmaids were Lopes' TLC partners, Tionne "T.Boz" Watkins and Rozonda "Chili" Thomas, who also sang the group's hit, "Waterfalls" during the ceremony. The best man was Brock Middlebrook.

In addition to her trademark black mascara under her left eye, the bride looked ravishing in a strapless Vera Wang wedding gown made of satin and gossamer. The groom wore a traditional tuxedo made of asbestos.

    July 25, 2001

    Alan Rich
    American Division
    Lloyds of London

    Mr. Rison,

    Congratulations on your recent wedding and best wishes for a long, joyous life together.

    However, while adding your bride to your insurance policy, I couldn't help but notice her maiden name. This wouldn't happen to be the same Lisa Lopes who burned down your mansion in 1994, would it? If by some chance it is, I would be remiss as your insurance agent not to point out that this creates a rather awkward situation.

    As you'll recall, Lloyds covered the entire ($1.3 million) replacement cost for the house, including your temporary residence while the house was being rebuilt. For this same woman to now be your wife is most unusual, as you must admit yourself. In fact, my superiors in London say you have become too extreme a risk to insure.

    Therefore, I'm afraid that we will have to terminate your policy immediately. I hope you understand.

    Again, best wishes for your marriage.

    Alan Rich

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Flame rekindled! Rison says he's going to wed 'Left-Eye'

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