What's hot, what's not at Super Bowl
By Dan Shanoff
Special to Page 2

Is there a bigger one-week slice of U.S. zeitgeist than the Super Bowl? We don't think so.

So as you prepare for your Super Bowl (or Super Bowl ads) party, be sure to check out the list of what's "in" and what's "out" in New Orleans this week. That way, you can be sure to impress fellow partygoers, not to mention the usual battery of people you impress with the Hot 'n' Not List: co-workers, drinking pals and the occasional hot date. (Hint: Unless you are an actual Patriots fan -- as opposed to a bandwagoneer who picked them up for this game only -- you are free to waffle between liking Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady, all the way up through the fourth quarter! We offer a starting point below.)

What's Hot 'n' Not at Super Bowl XXXVI
Category Hot Not
Brady or Bledsoe

Game-day music entertainment Rock melange Boy bands
Conventional wisdom -- offense Throw, throw, throw Give Dilfer the keys
Conventional wisdom -- defense Wholesale revamp in offseason Set records
Patriots fans' ideology I'm just glad we're here Hey, we can win this thing!
Gambling storyline The over-under The spread
Coaching card to play Seek perfection We get no respect
Anthem singer we’d like to see
Alicia Keys

Mariah Carey
Rising star Troy Brown Trung Canidate
Hurricane Tailgate cocktail College football champs
Style to emulate
Martz's arrogance

Belichick's charisma
Party Anything by EA Anything involving the NBA Hornets
Tom Brady

Jerome Bettis
TV-ad theme Patriotism "Innovative" companies
Choke artists

Fashion statement Mardi Gras beads Retro logos
Off-field concern Security Gentlemen's clubs
High expectations
Faulk's yardage total

Use of instant replay
Best episode ever Rams offense Ravens defense
Conventional wisdom -- Kurt Warner Best QB ever A nice one-year story
Conventional wisdom -- Drew Bledsoe Plays with heart Heading to Texans
Conventional wisdom -- Kordell Stewart Nah, overrated Did we misjudge?
Count the camera shots on ... Pats QB not in game Kurt Warner's wife
Fan fave from Patriots' Super Bowl past Tony Eason Terry Glenn
Haircut style Mrs. Warner’s SB XXXIV flat-top Cornrows
"Where are they now file?" destiny Adam Vinatieri David Patten
You’ll be sick of players with ... Camcorders Their kids
Locker room policy "Can I see your ID?" All-access

Dan Shanoff is a regular contributor to Page 2. Agree or disagree with what's hot? Want to send in your prediction of what will be "in" in 2002? Send Page 2 your comments.



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