Why should Anna go on a date with you?
Page2 staff

Say whatever you want about Page 2, but never say we don't try to make our readers happy.

Anna Kournikova
Anna is all dressed up and ready for a nice romantic evening.
And so it is, with the greatest of pride and pleasure, we announce our very first Page 2 "Win a Date with Anna" challenge.

The rules are simple:

I. Using the mail form below, explain, in 200 words or less, why Anna Kournikova should choose you out of the expected thousands of responses to bless with a night to remember.

II. Page 2's crack team of editors and love experts will then pick the best 25 e-mails, which will be published later this week, with each of our Top 25 receiving an Anna calendar to warm up those cold winter nights. We will also pick the best 5, and ask Page 2 readers to pick the best of the best -- in other words, our very own Survivor, a k a the luckiest man alive.

III. We will then have one of our type-flight professional Page 2 columnists attempt to convince Anna to actually date our winner. We will print all the correspondence between our columnist and Anna next week. And, hopefully, the result will be unmitigated and unparalleled bliss.

Mark the date
At 9 p.m. ET on Monday, Dec. 30, ESPN will air "A Date with Anna" -- a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Anna Kournikova's 2003 Calendar.

So get in the game. You've got nothing to lose ... and everything to gain.

Be sure to fill out the form completely. If you omit your name or city, we'll ignore you. Just hit the "submit" button to send your letter to us.

As always, Page 2 editors will award points for the most creative and well-written letters -- and Anna will surely be impressed as well. (For a look at how Anna plans to spend 2003, check out Eric Immerman's preview of Kournikova's personal calendar for the year ahead.)

So quit daydreaming and put your thoughts down on paper. We know you've thought about this years, and finally your lucky day has arrived.

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Why should Anna Kournikova go on a date with you?


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