What's hot, what's not at the Olympics
By Jim Wilkie and Dan Shanoff
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The Winter Olympics come around just once every four years, and Page 2 wants to tip you off with all the knowledge you'll need to watch every event from curling to skeleton. We wouldn't want you to be unnecessarily embarrassed at the water cooler by talk about clap skates or confused about crazy action at the halfpipe.

So as public service, we present a Hot 'n' Not List for the 2002 Winter Olympics, which begin Friday. Impress your friends, family, co-workers, fellow bar patrons and, of course, significant others by knowing what's in and what's out at Salt Lake City.

What's Hot 'n' Not at 2002 Winter Olympics
Category Hot Not
Figure skater
Irina Slutskaya

Elvis Stojko
Grace on Ice Ice dancing Figure skating
Figure Skating judging criteria Presentation Technical merits
Figure skating buzz phrase "What a salchow!" "What a lutz!"
Celebrity sighting
Nelly Furtado

Wilford Brimley
Fashion (Opening ceremonies) Low-rise jeans Cowboy hats
Hockey player Mario Lemieux Jaromir Jagr
Nikolai Khabibulin

Curtis Joseph
Conspiracy U.S. men's short-track speedskating team North American Olympic goalies snubbed in NHL All-Star Game
Controversy Men's and women's U.S. bobsledders Free condoms
Enron biathalon Lying and shredding Innovating and dealing
Attention "Saturday Night Live" skit Magazine cover
National Park

Technology "First down line" in ski jumping Curling's "Broom Cam"
Exhibition sport Euchre Bridge
Way to slide down the mountain Head-first (skeleton) Feet-first (luge)
Endorser Anyone but Jonny Moseley Jonny Moseley
Karine Ruby

Arthur Andersen
Partners The Bobsled Babes Stockton and Malone
IOC values "We can police ourselves!" Formal conflict-of-interest rules
Secondary medal Bronze Silver
Sentimental favorite (U.S.)
Jimmy Shea (for granddad)

Picabo Street
Sentimental favorite (rest of the world)
Prawat Nagvajara (Thai cross-country skier)

Georg Hackl (German luger)
Thing to do in Park City, Utah Watch the torch go by Go to Sundance Film Festival
Music Mormon Tabernachle Choir Jazz
Curler Kelley Law Jose Eber
Way "authentic" curlers make it fun Drinking Background music
Catriona LeMay-Doan

Chris Witty
Beverage Polygamy Porter Cola
Ticket-finding tip Bribery Scalping
Apolo Ohno

Pavel Bure
Village idiots Greg Ostertag Room-trashing U.S. men's hockey players
Fashion See-through speedskating suits Garish downhill-skiing Spandex
Japanese hero

Alibi for failed drug test Eye surgery Second-hand smoke
Michaela Dorfmeister

Tim Conway
Austrian Stephan Eberharter Hermann Maier
Alpine skier Bode Miller Robert Makharashvili
Button -- figure skating "Undignified lifts and movements" Dick

Dan Shanoff is a regular contributor to Page 2. Jim Wilkie is an editor for Page 2.


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