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Kirsten Dunst

Page 2 staff

Recently hailed as this year's "It Girl" by Entertainment Weekly magazine, actress Kirsten Dunst reached another plateau of fame this week when she subjected herself to Page 2's 10 Burning Questions.

Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Dunst, left, in the movie "Bring It On," says there's no question that cheerleaders are athletes.
Only 19, Dunst already has made more than 25 movies, including the 2000 cheerleader flick "Bring It On," and "Crazy/Beautiful," which opens nationwide June 29.

1. Page 2: Are cheerleaders really athletes?
Dunst: "Absolutely! Those girls work their butts off. Until I made "Bring It On," I had no idea how complicated their stunts really are. The moves are very physical, and just like any athlete it takes years of training to be able to do them."

1a. How'd you feel about cheerleaders when you were in high school?
Dunst: "My best friend was a cheerleader. So, of course, I thought they were great. After I made the movie, I think I just had more respect for how intense the training is to be a cheerleader."

2. So, what's the deal with "Crazy/Beautiful"?
Kirsten Dunst
Dunst says she plays a "really troubled girl with a lot of baggage" in her new movie, "Crazy/Beautiful."
Dunst: "I play a completely different character than I have ever played in previous movies. I'm one really troubled girl with a lot of baggage. Believe me, I'm no girl next door in this movie."

3. Just exactly how crazy and how beautiful are you?
Dunst: "Now, that's just a 'crazy' question! I don't know. I know I'm really not that crazy, and I know my mom thinks I'm beautiful."

4. It's your last meal on Earth. How many In-'N-Out burgers can you eat?
Dunst: "Bring them on, baby! I think I could eat between three and four. Anything more than that and I'm sure I would be sick."

5. Who's the sexiest athlete alive?
Kobe Bryant
Dunst is a big fan of the Lakers, and an even bigger fan of Kobe.
Dunst: "There a lot of sexy athletes out there. These people train their bodies for a living. Probably one of my favorite (and, yes, sexiest) athletes is Kobe Bryant. For me, it's his intelligence and intense concentration that sets him apart. Plus, I love, love, love the Lakers."

6. You started filming TV commercials at age 3. So, did you get the chance to play any sports growing up?
Dunst: "I was never very involved in sports because I was always working. I'm pretty athletic, though.I like to play basketball with my brother."

7. What's the best and worst thing about being a sex symbol to millions of guys?
Dunst: "I don't know, you would have to ask a sex symbol."

Kirsten Dunst
Dunst says her favorite athletic activity is playing hoops with her brother.
8. What superpower would you want most: the strength of 100 men, the ability to fly or to be able to turn invisible?
Dunst: "I think I would like the ability to take on other shapes and forms ... like the Wonder Twins!"

9. Which three people in history would you most want to have dinner with? And why them?
Dunst: First is Sylvia Plath. I'd love to hear more about her life. Second is Herb Ritts, so I could learn more about how he creates his amazing photos. And third would be Marion Davies, so I could find out what really happened the night Tom Ince died.

10. How do you get the nickname, Kiki?
Dunst: "When I was little I couldn't say my name. I could only say Kiki, and it stuck."

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