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Meat Loaf

Page 2 staff

Meat Loaf
A cut of Meat Loaf from the celebrity softball game during All-Star festivities.
When he was 13 years old, Marvin Lee Aday's football coach in Texas started calling the rotund teen "Meat Loaf," and from there his grid hopes declined while his artistic career flourished.

Meat Loaf went on to sell millions of records and act on stage and screen, but he still has a fondness for sports. While taking part in the celebrity softball game at last week's All-Star Game in Seattle, Page 2 grilled Meat Loaf with 10 Burning Questions.

1. Page 2: What do people call you, Meat or Loaf?
Meat Loaf: Meat. I've always been called Meat, my whole life, ever since I was a baby. My teachers, everybody called me Meat.

Chili Davis
Chili Davis
And here's a great story. True story. I was playing golf with Chili Davis. So you've got Chili and Meat together. But that's not the best part. The best part is the names of the three other guys. There was a guy named Stew, a guy named Chuck and a guy named Frank. So you had Meat, Chili, Stew, Chuck and Frank.

1a. You're making that up.
Meat Loaf: No, I swear. It's true.

1b. C'mon. You're making it up.
Meat Loaf: Yeah, I am. But don't tell anybody. And I really did play with Chili.

2. Who's your favorite team?
Meat Loaf: The Yankees. They were owned by CBS and Mickey Mantle was from Oklahoma so every Saturday the game of the week in Dallas was the Yankees. So I grew up rooting for them and hating everybody else.

Mickey Mantle
To a young Meat Loaf in Texas, Mickey Mantle and the Yankees were America's team.
This was before they showed all the stats for everybody, so I kept track of them myself in a notebook. I could tell you how many doubles and triples and hits all the players had.

3. Who's your favorite player now?
Meat Loaf: No way. Too many guys. You've got Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter and Ellis Burks. And then you've got the guys I know like Jason Giambi and Troy Glaus and Tim Salmon. There are just too many.

4. Which superpower would you most want, the ability to fly, turn invisible or have the strength of 100 men?
Meat Loaf: Oh, turn invisible. But don't ask me why.

4a. Why invisible?
Meat Loaf: I would turn invisible and sneak into the locker rooms of the Super Bowl teams and the World Series winners and see what it was like. I know what locker rooms most people would sneak into. The girls' locker rooms, to check them out. But I'd go into the football locker rooms and listen to what they're saying. Wouldn't that be great? I'd love to have been in there for the Super Bowl and listen to what John Madden told the Raiders.

5. We hear you're a big fantasy league guy. How serious do you take your team?
Meat Loaf: I once had a $10,000 phone bill calling back to the states when I was on tour. That was back in the days before the Internet and stuff and it was the only way I could stay connected with what was going on.

6. What's your favorite sports movie?
"Hoosiers" was a great story with one of the best American actors, Gene Hackman.
Meat Loaf: "Hoosiers." That's a great movie, a great story. And Gene Hackman is one of the best American actors. He's got great range.

7. How did you choose the Phil Rizzuto broadcast for "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"?
Meat Loaf: It wasn't a broadcast, we had Rizzuto do it for us in the studio. We listened to Rizzuto all summer and wrote up all his expressions into a script and had him come into the studio. But he was real flat when he did it. So I had to run around the studio like I was circling the bases.

8. You played in the celebrity-legend softball game at the All-Star Game. How many games have you played now?
Meat Loaf: I think that was the fourth.

9. Are you a celebrity or a legend?
Meat Loaf: Neither, man.

10. If you could go back and see any game in history, which game would it be?
Meat Loaf: The Ice Bowl between the Packers and Cowboys. Only it would be too damn cold in Green Bay, so I would have them move it to Florida.

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