What's hot, not at NBA's midseason
By Dan Shanoff
Special to Page 2

Beyond the dunks (it's a weak field, anyway) ... beyond the 3-point frenzy (where's Dell Curry?) ... beyond the three-on-three exhibition (see my column from earlier this week) ... NBA All-Star Weekend wouldn't be the same without a look at What's Hot and What's Not in the league at midseason.

Check this out, and have some interesting talking points when you aren't judging the slam-dunk contest.

What's Hot 'n' Not at NBA All-Star break
Category Hot Not
Draft camp, schmaft camp
Pau Gasol

Steven Hunter
Pre-NBA seasoning International experience College experience
Scouts' favorite 2002 NBA No. 1 overall draft pick
High school junior
LeBron James

Duke point guard Jason Williams
Kings lineup Sans Webber With Webber
Second-wind vet Popeye Jones Patrick Ewing
What-are-you-thinking? acquisition Derrick Coleman (It's always Derrick Coleman)
Contract joke
Calvin Booth

Todd MacCulloch
Prep worth props Tyson Chandler Dasagana Diop
Is it a contract year, Donald Sterling? Elton Brand Michael Olowokandi
Trade bait
Jalen Rose

Nick Van Exel
Arena music Petey Pablo Ja Rule
On-court fashion trend Calf-sleeves Sweatbands everywhere
Skill for wannabe 10-day-contractors Rebounding
(see Leon Smith)
Knowledge of NBDL cities
NYC-bred rookie point guard
Jamaal Tinsley

Speedy Claxton
UNC guy not in dunk contest Vince Carter Jerry Stackhouse
Michigan State growth stock Jason Richardson Zach Randolph
Jersey Any European player's
jersey with a weird number
Latrell Sprewell
Violation Criticizing referees Defensive three seconds
Lakers' tenuous grasp Chemistry Match-up advantages where it counts
Role player Three-point marksman Big man with six fouls to give
Laughingstock strategist
Jerry Krause

Kevin McHale
Nearest Laker competition East Rutherford, N.J. Sacramento
NBA Finals MVP candidate Jason Kidd Antoine Walker
Needs more pub
Quentin Richardson

Steve Nash
Owner's hangout Dairy Queen Locker room
Friend-wowing fantasy-draft pick-up Jonathan Bender Mitch Richmond
Goal of defensive-specialist midseason acquisition Stop MJ Stop Kobe
Frustrated star
Nick Van Exel

Steve Francis
"Pau"-man's Gasol Andre Kirilenko Hanno Mottola
Soothing team presence Tim Hardaway Anthony Mason
Compression sleeve on ... Full calf Nonshooting arm
Hair style
Let it grow out

Requisite scoring punch Unstoppable jump-shooter Slasher
Fun to watch
New Jersey Nets

Los Angeles Clippers
Air or Heirs? Still Air Still Heirs
The writer told you so The dominance of MJ's Wizards Predicting 70 Wiz wins (still mathematically possible!)

Dan Shanoff is a regular contributor to Page 2. Agree or disagree with what's hot? Want to send in your prediction of what will be "in" in 2002? Send Page 2 your comments.



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