Scoring Summary


1stMcCutchen homered to center (445 feet).01
3rdConforto singled to deep right, McNeil scored.11
6thMcCann grounded into fielder's choice to first, Do. Smith scored, Pillar safe at second on throwing error by pitcher Eflin.21
6thGregorius homered to right (368 feet), Harper scored and Bohm scored.24
8thPillar homered to left (379 feet).34
8thJ. Peraza singled to shallow right, Villar scored.44
8thConforto walked, J. Peraza scored, Lindor to second, McNeil to third.54
8thAlonso doubled to deep right center, Conforto scored, McNeil scored and Lindor scored.84
9thQuinn tripled to deep center, Gregorius scored.85
9thHoskins doubled to deep right, Joyce scored and Quinn scored.87
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