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Stanley Cup finalists, first coach fired, Kane trade destination: Bold predictions for all 32 NHL teams

With opening night approaching on Oct. 11, we take big swings on what will transpire in the 2022-23 season.

Curtis Comeau/Icon Sportswire

Lingering questions for all 32 NHL teams heading into training camp

Who will take the No. 1 goalie jobs in Buffalo and Vegas? Who will step up for the Bruins as they weather early injuries? Have the Avs decided on a new No. 2 center?

NHL superstar roundtable: Must-see teams, rule changes, trade reactions

We canvassed stars from every team at the player media tour event, and their takes did not disappoint.

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Top 10 breakout candidates for fantasy

Ever wonder how to predict which forwards will have their breakout seasons? Sean Allen's crunched the numbers to bring you these ten to draft.

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2022-23 Plant My Flag list: Greg Wyshynski's fantasy hockey cheat sheet

Greg Wyshynski is back with his Plant My Flag list, the fantasy hockey players he's picking in every draft.

Top fantasy picks: Rookies and sophomores

Whether in a redraft or dynasty league, it's important to look ahead at the young stars set to make an impact in the 2022-23 NHL season. Here are the ones to draft.

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Playoff beards: Hockey's wackiest tradition

  • illustration by Two Fresh and Alejandro Parilla
  • Playoff beards: Hockey's wackiest tradition

    A staple since the early 1980s, we look at the best beards in 2022, the next generation of bushy beauties and the greatest facial forests in postseason history