Scoring Summary


1stBell singled to deep right, Ruiz scored and Soto scored, Bell to second, Cruz to third.20
1stThomas hit sacrifice fly to right, Cruz scored.30
1stLindor singled to right, Guillorme scored, Marte to third.31
1stMcNeil grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Marte scored, Alonso out at second, Lindor to third.32
2ndPlummer doubled to center, Canha scored.33
2ndGuillorme singled to left, Plummer scored.34
2ndMarte homered to left (396 feet), Guillorme scored.36
3rdMarte singled to left, Canha scored and Nido scored, Guillorme to second.38
3rdLindor singled to center, Guillorme scored, Marte to third.39
4thPlummer homered to left center (383 feet), Escobar scored and Canha scored.312
5thBell singled to left, C. Hernández scored, Ruiz to second.412
6thC. Hernández singled to right center, Escobar scored.512
8thAlonso homered to center (417 feet).513
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