87-53, 40-28 away
79-61, 38-31 home

Scoring Summary

1stRodríguez homered to right (392 feet).01
4thRiley homered to left center (423 feet).11
4thFrazier tripled to deep center, Raleigh scored and Santana scored.13
4thHaggerty singled to left center, Frazier scored.14
5thSuárez homered to center (411 feet).15
6thCrawford doubled to left center, Frazier scored.16
8thHarris II homered to right (380 feet).26
9thHarris II homered to right (433 feet), Riley scored and Olson scored.56
9thGrossman homered to right (387 feet), Rosario scored.76
9thRodríguez homered to left (402 feet).77
9thSuárez homered to left center (397 feet).78