Scoring Summary


1stArozarena homered to right (355 feet), Franco scored and Paredes scored.03
4thTurner singled to left, Verdugo scored.13
4thDíaz hit sacrifice fly to center, Walls scored, Bruján to second, Bethancourt to third.14
4thFranco doubled to center, Bethancourt scored and Bruján scored.16
5thHernández doubled to right, McGuire scored.26
5thVerdugo singled to center, Hernández scored.36
5thBethancourt doubled to center, Walls scored.37
5thBruján singled to center, Bethancourt scored.38
6thTapia grounded out to third, Turner scored.48
7thDevers homered to left (366 feet), McGuire scored and Hernández scored.78
8thArozarena hit sacrifice fly to right, Franco scored.79
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