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Laila Ali

Page 2 staff

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She's got the look. She's got the gumption. She's got the bloodlines. She's got a pristine 10-0 record in the ring. And this September, Laila Ali will go for the gold when she appears on a special athlete's edition of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"

Laila Ali
Laila Ali, right, beat Jacqui Frazier-Lyde and vows to remain undefeated.
To get a line on how she might do on the ABC hit, Page 2 hit the feisty daughter of Muhammad Ali with 10 Burning Questions of its own.

1. Page 2: In your very first fight, you knocked out April Fowler in 31 seconds. It's been reported that she was pregnant. Is that true?
Ali: No. Anyone who knows boxing would know that you have to take a pregnancy test before a bout. And they would never let anyone who was pregnant box. I think that story got started because there were two girls, one a backup. She was pregnant. But I didn't fight her.

2. You're 10-0 -- can anybody beat you?
Ali: Ali: Ummm, no. First way you beat somebody is mentally, so if I were to say, "yes," that wouldn't be right.

3. Are you the only boxer who designs his or her uniforms?
Muhammad Ali and Will Smith
Hopefully, the Fresh Prince's portrayal of Muhammad Ali won't be far from realistic.
Ali: No. Most boxers do. You have the choice to go to the store and go and buy something or get something made.

4. How picky are you about your look in the ring?
Ali: Not very. I'm a very stylish person out of the ring. But in the ring I just wear white. That's my color. If somebody starts to bleed, I like to see all the blood.

5. Do you have a favorite prefight meal?
Ali: It's not very interesting. Pasta. It's hard to eat before fights, so I kind of have to force it down.

6. What kind?
Ali: Spaghetti.

7. What kind of sauce?
Ali: It depends. Usually meat sauce.

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier
Though she's "not a Muhammad Ali fan," Laila still knows who's The Greatest, right vs. Joe Frazier.
7a. Never alfredo?
Ali: Usually not. But never pork.

8. What's your favorite boxing movie?
Ali: Hopefully, Will Smith playing my father will be my favorite. But I don't really have a favorite boxing movie, since they're usually far from being realistic.

9. Who are the greatest fighters ever?
Ali: Well, Muhammad Ali is obviously The Greatest. Then, I have to just go with people I've seen -- like Roy Jones, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran.

10. Have you seen all of your father's fights?
Ali: No. I appreciate his talent. But I'm not, like, a Muhammad Ali fan.

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