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McKees Rocks, PA located 12 miles from Pittsburgh, is quintessential small town America - population 6,000. It's a former coal-mining town that turned to the steel industry and then the airline industry. Airline cutbacks and job losses have taken McKees Rocks into a notable economic decline in recent years. The high school football team, the Montour Spartans is also in total disarray. In spite of their past glory - when they won State championships, they were known to go without ever losing a game and the players were local heroes - the football team has lost almost every game for the last several years. But the town still remembers what it was like to be proud of their team and to this day, they tell their children stories of big games, star players, and triumphant moments. Thousands of people still come out to support the team, but they don't have much to brag about. That's all about to change. Enter NFL legend DICK BUTKUS. He's here to give this ragtag high school football team a much-needed overhaul. He will be their head coach for one season. He will bring in former Kansas City Chief Ray Crockett as an assistant coach. He will discipline, drive, and inspire these boys to succeed. He will make them a team. But will it all be enough to restore Montour football to its former glory?