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Game Over!
Team Exodus took care of business last night, winning the second season of Beg, Borrow & Deal. It was close though, much closer than last year's race. Even though Exodus had completed 10 tasks first, they still struggled mightily to find a way to get themselves to Mt. Rushmore. And as they did, Team Cake gained ground on them, to the point where if Exodus had stalled for much longer, Cake would've had a legit shot at stealing the game at the wire.

In the end though Exodus made it there first, grinding out task after task the last few days of the game. The combination of Greg, Doug, Stacey and Eric was just enough to keep Exodus on the move, propelling the team towards the finish line, seemingly always a few steps ahead of Team Cake.

Season two of BBD saw a game that featured significantly harder tasks and as a result, forced both teams to be more resourceful. How will next season's game compare? Can the tasks get even more difficult. We guess you'll just have to wait and see

Where are they now?
Click here for Beg, Borrow & Deal's intercative map, that allows you to chart both teams' progress as they make their way across the country in the race for the ultimate in sports prizes.
Quote Box
When asked why we should root for him to win, Greg replied:

"Because in my early 20's I lost all my hair."
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