Tom Berenger As Paul "Bear" Bryant
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The Junction Boys
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The Junction Boys
Tom Berenger has the formidable task of portraying Paul "Bear" Bryant in ESPN Original Entertainment's second foray into feature films, "The Junction Boys." It's up to Berenger to capture the essence of one of the most rigid and imposing, yet enigmatic sports figures in American history, during one of the most trying stretches of the coach's life.

The movie chronicles Bryant's brief stint at Texas A&M University, from the vicious, scorching heat of the practice field in Junction, Texas - the site of Bryant's first grueling preseason - to the raucous arena of Southwest Conference gridiron battles, where Bryant's men waged war, quite literally, with their own blood and guts for their beloved coach. "The Junction Boys" chronicles the journey of Bear Bryant's bravest soldiers.

Garnering inspiration from the pages of Jim Dent's classic book by the same name, "The Junction Boys" is the story of one football program's rise to the top of college football. But maybe more importantly, it's the story of how a group of boys became men under the watch of college football's greatest field general.

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"What not the size of the dog in the fight, but of the fight in the dog."
Paul "Bear Bryant"