Episode Guide
Episode #11 - Week 17

Leon plans for retirement by auditioning for a sportscaster job at Samantha's station. Buffalo's weight issues affect his chances of playing. Now that DH's is back on top, how far can he flaunt his playmaker ways? After Olczyk invites Beth to move in, he must decide how to handle the surprise of Jenna's pregnancy. ..continued

Episode #10 - Tenth of a Second

DH's reunion with his older brother, Big E, leads to trouble when Big E discovers the truth about Cal's crime. Leon learns that Wilbanks is not renewing his contract, so he puts himself through a combine of athletic drills to prove he still has what it takes. ..continued

Episode #9 - The Outing

To dodge a rumor that someone on the team is gay, Guerwitcz asks August to marry him. When Guerwitcz is outed by David, he must fight to stay on the team. A rift develops between Olczyk and Leon over Olczyk's in-season contract negotiations. ..continued

Episode #8 - Down and Distance

Olczyk prepares to face his nemesis: a lightning fast quarterback who runs. Leon must resolve his legal issues to continue playing on the team. Coach George learns that he has prostate cancer. McConnell's halftime hookup comes back to haunt him: she's pregnant and it's his. ..continued

Episode 7 - Talk Radio

Leon's arrested for spousal battery. Wilbanks threatens to suspend him if he's formally charged. DH must make a charity appearance to cheer up a terminally ill young boy. Coach George finally sees a doctor. McConnell bets on a completion in the end zone - with Wilbanks' daughter. ..continued

Episode 6 - Man in Motion

While preparing to play a physically superior opponent, Coach George lectures the team about selling "the fake". Wilbanks forces DH to enter a drug detox program. Samantha returns to dig up dirt about a domestic abuse rumor involving Leon. McConnell arranges a night out for the boys, hotties included. Olczyk's romantic interest in Beth resurfaces. ..continued

Episode 5 - Halftime

The Cougars have been ravaged. Coach George and the medical staff must patch up the pieces for the second half. Leon faces a potentially career ending knee injury that worsens a rift with Olczyk, who knows what Leon did to Robin. DH can't make it to the next half without getting high. McConnell needs relief from the pain of a separated shoulder: he's got Chambers scouring the stands for his next night nurse. ..continued

Episode 4 - The Choice Part II
Wilbanks pressures DH to change his statement after new evidence surfaces about the nightclub shooting. Olczyk meets Beth, who has surprise news about his father. A rift grows between Robin and Leon after he refuses to get counseling. ..continued

Episode 3 - The Choice
A man is shot outside a club. DH must decide where his loyalty lies: with the team or with his posse. Leon gets a chance to be traded to another team, but Robin's not supportive. McConnell's in a slump. ..continued

Episode 2 - The Piss Man
The league drug testing official a.k.a. The Piss Man is coming: no one knows which two players are on the list. They better be clean - otherwise it's automatic suspension. Guard Dog tempts Leon with a way to get his mojo back. Olczyk needs to calm his demons.  McConnell's got pain management issues. ..continued

Pilot - Game Day
The Cougars are 2-3 and it's six hours to kick-off. Leon Taylor, back from injured reserve, plans to retake the running back throne from rookie Demetrius "DH" Harris, who will not slow down for anyone. Coach George must get hard-hitting middle linebacker Eric Olczyk's head together before the game.