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Drew Brees made Devan Muller's day.
Wish Granted
Devan Muller is a Saints fanatic to the point that he knows the entire roster complete with the player's numbers and rarely misses a home game. When he realized he could meet his favorite Saint, Drew Brees, his Make-A-Wish decision was a breeze for him to make. Story

MY WISH 2006
My Wish: Lasting Memories
Family members recall the Make-A-Wish day as part of SportsCenter's 10-part series in 2006.

My Wish 2006: Seattle Mariners
Frank Morris discusses his daughter's day with the Seattle Mariners.

My Wish 2006: Derek Jeter
MLB star Derek Jeter makes another stellar play, but this time it's off the field.

My Wish 2006: Philadelphia Eagles
Yvonne Pena discusses her son's "My Wish" moment with the Eagles.

My Wish 2006: Jeff Gordon
Ann Moritz discusses her son's day with Jeff Gordon.

My Wish 2006: Todd Helton
The Pointer family discusses Andrew's day with Todd Helton and the Colorado Rockies.

My Wish 2006: Tedy Bruschi
Cynthia Geracoulis discusses her son's day with Tedy Bruschi.

My Wish 2006: Kobe Bryant
NBA star Kobe Bryant was a young cancer patient's MVP.

My Wish 2006: Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens and the Make-A-Wish Foundation brighten the life of a young patient.

My Wish 2006: Tracy McGrady
Dianne Hanna discusses her son's day with Tracy McGrady.

My Wish 2006: Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Gretzky and the Make-A-Wish Foundation brighten the life of a young man.

My Wish recollections
ESPN's five-part series titled "My Wish" -- a collaborative effort with the Make-A-Wish Foundation -- will chronicle the granting of sports-related wishes for five children. Each story and experience will be featured on "SportsCenter," and and will feature a first person account of the child's day from a family member who was there. Story
My Wish chat schedule
Chat with some of the participants in this year's My Wish program.
Dwyane Wade, 3 p.m. ET, Thursday | Chat wrap
Jennifer Walters' Chat wrap
Chris Connelly's Chat wrap
Noa Ornellas' Chat wrap

My Wish show schedule
Sunday, June 24, Dwyane Wade
Monday, June 25, Jimmie Johnson
Tuesday, June 26, David Ortiz
Wednesday, June 27, Michelle Kwan
Thursday, June 28, Drew Brees
My Wish: Danielle and Michelle
Danielle Kraus was a figure skater about to perform in her first ice show when she was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant tumor that affects the central nervous system. Her dream of skating with the world's best was deferred -- until Michelle Kwan made her wish come true. Story
My Wish: Stephan and David
Stephan Zepeda-LeColst loves David Ortiz and even wrote a paper about the Red Sox first baseman for a class assignment. The fourth-grader's dream was to meet Ortiz, so imagine his excitement when he not only met Big Papi, but was able to hang out with him at Fenway Park. Story
Stephan's thank you to David Ortiz
Dear Big Papi,
Thanks so much for granting my wish. It was so cool getting to hang out with you and a once in a lifetime chance to meet my hero. I felt warm all over when I met you and I had a great time seeing the Green Monster and going into the locker room with you. Thank you for being such a great guy!

Sincerely yours,
Stephan Zepeda-LeColst
My Wish: Jennifer and Jimmie
Most 16-year-olds receive bad news when a police officer pulls them over, but that wasn't the case for Jennifer Walters when a Guttenberg, Iowa, police officer turned on his red lights and siren. Instead of a ticket, this police officer handed her a note from Jimmie Johnson, telling her that her wish had come true. Story
Jennifer's thank you to Jimmie Johnson
Dear Jimmie,
Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with me. I had a wonderful time meeting you and watching you race. I will always remember how nice and friendly you were to me. Thanks again for a great day. Good luck this season!

Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Walters
My Wish: Noa and Dwyane
Noa Ornellas' wish was to meet Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. For awhile it didn't look as though the wish would come true, but Noa never wavered. Noa's perseverance eventually paid off when he received the chance to meet his hero in Chicago (ESPN, 10:30 a.m. ET). Story
Noa's thank you to Dwyane Wade
Dear Dwyane, Thanks for an awesome time. You made my dream come true. Thanks for spending time with me shooting hoops, playing video games and the cool car ride. Sorry I didn't say very much, but meeting you left me speechless. You're the greatest basketball player ever!!!!! I hope your shoulder is better. Have a great season, I'll be watching. GO HEAT!

Sincerely yours,

Noa Ornellas