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While we couldn't make it out to every campus in our cross-country search for Mr. and Miss Bracket 2006, college basketball fans sent in some fine submissions in the online version of the contest.

We've narrowed the candidates in our first round of Mr. Bracket finalists based on the photos and essays submitted by some die-hard fans.

Check out the eight candidates (plus one honorable-mention entry) and vote for your favorite in the poll on the right. And vote for your favorite Online Miss Bracket candidate.

Age: 22
School: Georgetown University
Hometown: Gettysburg, Penn.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket:
It's not about me. I pump everyone up -- students, players, alumni. Sure, I wear a striped cape my mom made me to complete the Hoya ensemble. I listen to Jock Jams getting dressed (and before taking exams) and I've camped out before big games. But I spread the love, coordinating chants with the cheerleaders and positioning megaphones strategically in the arena. I dance, I yell, I jump, I hug, I cry, I bleed Hoya Blue.
Alex Richnak
Age: 21
School: Michigan State University
Hometown: Rochester Hills, Mich.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: I would do anything to help MSU win. I've stood outside for hours before games in the frigid Michigan weather, wearing only basketball shorts, an MSU flag and the Superman green and white "S" that I paint on myself. For big games, I've camped outside of the Breslin Center to be in the first row the next day. I take advantage of every chance I have to support the Spartans on the road.
Drew Gallant
Age: 21
School: Wichita State
Hometown: Wichita, Kan.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: Wichita State basketball is my life. I'm struggling in my classes 'cause all I think about is the Shockers. I wear a Wichita State shirt almost every day. I camped out for days for the SIU game on ESPN2. People don't realize how loud it gets in Koch Arena. I run, a student website for Shocker athletics. Shocker fans don't always have much to look forward to, but this year has rocked. We're in the NCAA! GO SHOX!
Ryan Launius
Age: 19
School: Clemson
Hometown: Atlanta, Ga.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: My shoes are orange. My shirt is orange. Hell, even my overalls are orange. My team may disappoint at times and throw away big leads, but I can identify every one of my team's players just by the back of their heads. I can tell you their names if you say their numbers and vice versa. I'm your man, plain and simple.
David Orges
Age: 21
School: Louisiana Tech
Hometown: Denham Springs, La.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: Outrageous wouldn't even begin to describe my fanship! I was awarded the title of Louisiana Tech's most outrageous fan this year by WAC officials. I just got in from my ROAD trip to the WAC tourney in RENO! A 79-hour drive! Our teams love me so much that they helped finance part of my trip! I'd do anything for my Dawgs and Techsters! I founded The Blue, our campus spirit organization. Sick 'em Dawgs!
Marc Turiano
Age: 19
School: Fordham University
Hometown: Andover, Mass.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: I came to school as a freshman with $35 of paint, a giant red afro and a towel for a cape. I attend every game shirtless, with my body painted, and show up at least one hour early to ensure a prime seat. I have become the school's top fan. I was recruited to lead the team onto the court with the school flag. I chose this university because of its historic and intimidating gym.
Alec Macaulay
Age: 19
School: Duke
Hometown: Peoria, Ill.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: I've bled Duke blue all my life: born with a Duke game on in the delivery room; was a Cameron Crazie for Halloween; cancelled dates to watch Duke games; got a tent as a graduation present. Now I'm The Scotsman: front row cheering blue-kilted madman. Krzyzewskiville is my home and Cameron is my church. I hate Carolina with a burning passion, and my heart and soul are where they belong: on the court.
Jonathan Hoyt
Age: 20
School: Syracuse University
Hometown: Howell, N.J.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: It is not about winning and losing. Passion is about having pride in your school and being supportive no matter what. You have to treat a game, whether it's preseason or Big East, the same. All fans unite in the greater cause for one goal -- rocking the loud house to support our [Orange]. Win or lose, we will be camping out for our front-row seats, because we have love and pride for our team.

Ryan Dunlop
Age: 20
School: University of San Francisco
Hometown: Orange County, Calif.
Why I should be Mr. Bracket: I am the President of USF's student section, I NEVER miss a game and live and die with USF. I start every game day two hours painting my face and/or body. I add on my green headband, shoes, knee-high socks, wrist bands and glasses. Then the hair gets sprayed green and we head off to the arena. It's chanting on every possession, screaming at the refs and willing the team to victory!