Scoring Summary


1stA Ramirez homered to left, K Lofton, S Sosa and M Alou scored.40
3rdA Ramirez singled to right, S Sosa scored, M Alou to third, A Ramirez to second on error by catcher I Rodriguez.50
3rdA Gonzalez singled to left, M Alou scored, A Ramirez to third, E Karros to second.60
4thM Alou singled to shallow right, K Lofton scored.70
5thA Gonzalez grounded out to shortstop, M Cabrera scored, J Conine to second.71
5thT Hollandsworth singled to center, J Conine scored.72
7thA Ramirez homered to left.82
8thI Rodriguez doubled to deep right, J Pierre scored.83
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